Shout for Justice! Do you not see in the Spirit the move of the enemy? And how is it by Christ you are not Righteous to its ugly heads of injustice, destruction, and chaos? Shout for Justice; you gates of Christ! For is it not by His Name demons flee and restoration is achieved? If we; the Body of Christ fear the enemy; then how can there be Salvation for the blind, and is your Light behind or ahead of you to be in the Spirit of what darkness shadows on. The fields are white and full; ready for harvest and the tares ready to be burned. Shout for Justice and see His Hand move for God has already prepared for these futile attempts to thwart His great revival.

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Letter to the Faithful.
Sept. 12, 2022.

Letters to the Faithful


Does God need you or does He want you? Stand up for Justice in the land of your presence and be not complacent in these dark times knowing in a moment this Age of Grace will disappear and the Son will arise from the East of new beginnings. And before the dawn, there is the stillness of the night and this is when the enemy of Justice creeps to circumvent integrity, the law, and all that is of good report. Again; I say; “Shout for Justice”! For you may be meek but yours is the Covenant of Righteousness against persecution and it will not be in vain because you are Blessed by the Blood of Christ. Yet, make no error and be sober; for all injustice is a veil against Righteousness and by one and by many is the Body accounted to each other for the cause of Christ. 

Shout for Justice! And witness the enemy of his unlawful trespass. For what and who God has appointed for such a time as this is not to be taken for granted. But by every effort of words, Spirit, and Righteous judgment; tear down the enemy strongholds and retreat them back to their unholy grounds of grinding teeth. And in the might of Michael declare the triumph that is guaranteed by the promises of God. For if you are of Christ; then you cannot deny His cross! And if by this then by His Resurrection over the grave and those of it. For are we not already seated in high places by the seal of authority and is not His Blood the demand of our stamp? Do not close the book till the end when Christ, the Lion of His Praise appears for His army. 

We have been called for Justice in these corners. Be it earth or be it air; the Justice of Christ will prevail! The enemy counts on the fear of confrontation; the knife of threats; and the church of repose. Yet; for all His record; is Christ asleep? No! He is at peace in the Knowledge of God’s Providence despite any turmoil in His wake. And His mind is our heritage. So have Faith and step out beyond the norms of the good christian and become the Righteousness of God having the banner of Christ in your essence, and for the Almighty; Shout for Justice!


Letters to the Faithful.