Letter to the Faithful.
Jan. 08, 2018.

Stay the course! The world turmoil looking for answers to their woes but we who are in Christ is to stay in Christ; for Christ did not deter His Faith. For if Christ was Spirit in the womb then was not His seat on God’s Throne absent? Yet, as He became body, His spirit was on the Throne of God. We too are of the body are also commanded to be Heavenly minded having been placed by Grace in audience to His Majesty and Glory. We are to stay the course of Christ!

Letters to the Faithful.

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Letters to the Faithful


Be not deceived for what man accomplishes is but a shadow of God’s hand. For He is Faithful to the Kingdom promises of peace and prosperity but not as man sees it but as His Spirit dictates it. The day is bright but darkness is sure to come. Being of Rightful Wisdom, we ought to repair, reinforce and build the foundations and walls of our temple. For when it is dark; who can work and how can the temple be strengthened; and is not the storm seen far away in the distance? Stay the course of Faith!

God will come as all the Righteous testaments give but He will abandon the unfaithful ones who warm their pews and in silence, doubt their journey; and turn to the flesh to comfort their faithlessness. For Grace has its season and before His Thunder and Might is manifested comes His messengers of freedom. Not just by the Spirit but by His very Heavens. For His last call will be as the first and not the last. Not by Grace will it be from the wilderness but as in the Day of immense deluge will it be as a thief, suddenly will the stones of glass crumble and be moved having no cornerstone to all its facades of height. He has fulfilled every sign in its time from the highest Heavens to the deepest cores of the earth. Stay the course by His Spirit and Word!

Let not the world’s mind be in you but with all action be of the mind of Christ. For Truth is not truth without Righteousness. And His Truth is all that matters! God has only one Spirit; that of Righteousness, for having no other above, He can only swear by His Throne. To swear is to place a bond on one’s own body, mind, and spirit. Then we who profess Christ and the Word have only one swear and that is God. Yes!  We ought to be Thankful for His Grace. Yet! Christ did not die to resurrect a carnal body, mind, and spirit; but to make anew the Spirit of His Father; of all that is His sworn foundation of Righteous Truth. For He has never altered His Word but with all boldness in the face of the enemy and the dark ones reveal His prologue for His conclusion for us who are born of His Spirit urging our spirit to cry Abba; My Lord: My God! Stay the course in His Righteousness!