Letters to the Faithful


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Do you not know with freedom comes easily the corruption of the flesh. For Christ rose so that you may be free from all laws of the curse. For the curse made us slaves to the darkness of this world and of the flesh. Then why do, so many return and willingly chain themselves; only to be in bondage once again. As Paul counsels; leave them to the master of death in the hope they may have their spirit saved in Christ.

Letters to the Faithful.

Letter to the Faithful.
Nov. 14, 2017.

Many are called but few take up their call of Salvation’s cross. Have we not matured to know that we cannot save all despite the compassion and mercy of our hearts and spirit? For the Spirit groans to see those who have eaten Christ only to deprive His nurturing to make their garment ready for the wedding. Did Christ leave His mission to the disobedient ones? And does not Paul tirade these who by willful stubbornness refuse strong meat for weak milk? Everyone who stays in Christ is led by Christ!

Be mature in your enlightened walk and with our most formidable weapon; pray the Heavenly Host labor for the double-minded souls. For when their land becomes dry; then by desperation will their eyes open and their S.O.S cry be heard; and in a moment will Christ’s Cross appear real and of substance to them once more. For we are created with eyes forward to follow the Glory light of His Dominion and Power. Do not weigh around your necks satan’s deceitful abuse of your feelings but with Spiritual empowerment leave all fleshly and carnal minds to the judgment of Righteousness.

We are made free in Christ of all worldly constraints so stay free in Christ. As told; you cannot serve two masters and as Salvation carriers, we are to leave this world’s crave for the flesh in hind sight and run the race of conviction and for Christ. It is why the Holy Spirit waits for our call of Righteousness in all things of the Blood and the Anointing. For we are free! But God will not be mocked and those who taunt His will; will be under the judgment of His Throne with the Holy witness of Righteous pillars. Let us then not betray Christ and close our eyes to godlessness; but trust in Him who by His Word knows the desires of our heart and in Faith orders our steps to fill it with His Glory. For He is Faithful!

The flesh rots but the spirit is renewed with every Word that proceeds from the God of ages. And we; His candlesticks only will glow stronger waxed by His immutability and omnipotence. For who can take God? Does He not laugh at their futility? And is He not Faithful to show His strength on our behalf especially against those who seek our blood. Let no man think above his heart; for God is the one who raises up the humble and out of the dung heap. For our surrender is but a sweet aroma to His court and His good will is towards us. For we are in Christ!