Letter to the Faithful.
Jun. 15, 2021.

Our LORD fails not! Our LORD is mighty indeed! Our LORD builds up! In His presence, the fulfillment of joy takes us beyond this world’s grip and abandons us only by what we see. The veil is torn down; the church is alive, and by His LOVE there is the triumph in His Cross that chains nor tethers can be fixed, so as to mire us into darkness nor into the pit’s domain. Shake off the dust that so quickly disdains the temple dedicated to God, who by Christ seeks. And let His Glory remain in you for Righteousness' sake. Do you see with the eyes of Christ or by the mere man? 

Isn't Christ superior? Then shed your sludge of this world and let His Will be done today, tomorrow. Knowing He is LORD by His Name above all that is named. Know not that we who are hidden in Christ are free? But only by what we see! For though freedom was given by the shedding of His Blood and manifested by His resurrection; some having no touch abandons the Faith for the dark one's eyes forsaking the hard-won Victory in Christ. Open your eyes from these dull senses unto the vibrant Light of the Spirit and see as Angels see and let not the high placed fallen ones thwart your spirit from all that is set aside and prepared for you. You who abides in Christ. So see!

We are but Christ’s motions of Righteousness! But only when you see through His spirit of Life bestowed by the Father. Christ saw; then by virtue, we must see all the Father has declared to be ours by birth and restoration. For are we not of the same Blood He gave to Christ? And by Blood is our Righteousness made for use for the Father’s works. But if you don’t see what the Father sees then how can the paths of this life become the Life He laid for you before the foundations of the Earth. Do you see the world's chaos or do you see Heaven’s Spirits moving rung by rung, up and down for your will to be made perfect by the Father’s! Open your eyes as Elisha’s servant and marvel at all the plans. purposes, and protections we all have under the banner of Christ and the Father’s wings of providence. Do you see! 


Letters to the Faithful


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Letters to the Faithful.

Do you see! For is not the eyes the lamp that guides our feet? For by His Word are we made Faithful to walk in the shadow of death for fear has no weight on our shoulders and even with vain trashing; we are whole by the garment of His Glory and Praise. And by His Light of Grace fear is weakened to no avail. What do you see? The LORD sitting on His Throne abask in His Glory waiting to embrace the church of His Blood and Redemption. Let not your eyes distract from this promise but with every fiber entertain and build the foundations of His Word to see.