Dearest Beloved. Look up for your Salvation comes. Let not your heart be troubled in these days of extreme darkness for what must be must be. The defiant ones twist all the more in disobedience to My sovereign, but always before the dawn is the deep and silence of imputations. For My Kingdom does not accommodate impurity but only the Light of My Son. So be not despaired by what the eyes see but with every Hope of the Heart look up to the Salvation that must come to make all who throw fists at the Heavens to be accounted in their lost of carnal and debased outbursts. My Spirit is not at rest for I am moving to bring this Age to its known end.

Letters to the Faithful.

 I am the Lord of Salvation and no one but Me will have My Day. Am I not the God who saved My people and who now is all merged in one of the same by the Blood of My Son? Who can say they have been to the mountain of tears, pain and torment; but My Son. No! This darkness will not succeed nor will I suffer much longer the cries of My people. For I the Lord is God above all! I have said and it is! The end for this disobedience comes nigh and they who punish obedience will reap a harvest of rebukes at My will for all eternity. Nothing will be lost in these dark and turmoil times that are precious to Me.

Speak to the mountain of fear and with the Faith of My will overcome all. Let not the enemy trouble you but with all give My due lest the mountain remains centered to you. It is I who redeems! It is I who gives and takes away! No one can boast in that which weathers but it is I that ornates and makes what is rare appear and sudden to the terror of the night. Fallen will they be; but who will stand; will I see, to honor at My white banquet table of garments. Forget not; My Salvation comes for all to see. I am not dispaired so why should you be. For what is the end is but My beginning. Have I not demonstrated this to you through these ages of past? So look up!

Who but I notice the hidden things that men fail at before they start; while I laugh at their efforts to thwart what must be. For no striving against My will; will succeed.  All I seek is the heart of those who belong to Me and for the rest; theirs is their own doing. For farther are they that disobey Me and use what is meant for good; now to be twisted into evil to mock Me. I will not be mocked for surely the Egyptians left this echo for them that take the same path. For I will receive what is mine regardless of the darkness that surrounds it. For Light penetrates the darkness and not darkness into Light. Darkness can only cover what is beaming and is the beacon for all that dare to remove its cowling with the boldness of My Throne. My child; take what has already been given to you and grow up into the Word of Salvation for it is healing and life onto the flesh which only has an end into decay and emptiness. My Beloved! Look up for your Salvation comes!


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Letters to the Faithful


Letter to the Faithful.
Jan. 02, 2019.