Letters to the Faithful.

Draw the line! You who claim Christ! For who has won this world for you but Christ! Are you now indifferent to His cause and mandate? Surely; His Blood strengthens that which has been breathed into you from the eve of this world. No one who claims Christ can be so reserved to sit down watching as darkness attempts to inflict chaos for their insidious ends. Christ never crossed the line in protest of His advocacy. No! He drew the line not only to those outside but more so to those inside and some who by a veil state Christ to be Lord. Yet; the veil has been torn and taken down.

Letter to the Faithful.
Oct. 8, 2018.

For if Christ is hidden then will evil have its day. And lawlessness will be the norm of the day. God did not surrender this world nor should we who claim Christ. For is not the New Jerusalem here and with His eternal light He reigns and by the bar, all the dogs are outside His gate? All have equality and equality before God’s Throne and thereby Christ is His adjudicator to all judgment. But where is Christ? Christ in you; Christ in your thoughts; Christ in your actions! Know that the Day is near, and why these days are in dark turmoil and the fallen one's goal is to crumble and corrupt the very foundations that uphold the pillars for Righteousness and the fruit of the Spirit. For does not God say; “The innocent suffer when the Righteous do nothing”? Who is Lord? And where is your heart? Be bold and draw the line!

This battle will only intensify for the rule and the law. For is not the end to take away the freedoms won by the Blood. And by the Blood is the freedom in Christ to Sanctify us onto Righteousness before the Throne of God? For when outside of Christ is there not sure death, sufferings, and grinding of teeth? Then by definitive purpose, when we draw the line on all things in this world then are we not doing as Christ did? History will judge for the failures of our forefathers who by dissent and disobedience has levied these troubles in this time. Make haste and draw the line for Righteousness by Christ and the Word.

We are Christ! And His legacy is ours! Christ, by His works came with a sword and drew the line for division maturing the love of a brother to a brother; a mother to a daughter and a father to a son. For He alone deserves all our love. Let us not forfeit who by the statues of His eternal Throne has made us in His image and Spirit; not to be hidden but for a light in this world of childishness and ignorance; needing the Kingdom's childlike Faith for God’s Glory to manifest. For Christ is supreme to any falsehood in this world. He will name us who draw the line for and before His Father’s Throne. And with all Spirit; in the face of evil; all the more we must draw the line. The Line of Righteousness!      


Letters to the Faithful


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