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To be Christ is to be mindful of His domain! How will we be judged if not by Christ. And if by Him then ought we not to stand with Him in these darkened days? For, Christ did not only overcome the world; He rightly set it on a collision course of dissension, hatred, and rebellion. Christ's first miracle was water into wine. Water, a tasteless uncredited substance which Christ turned into wine. An exclaimed wine for all who took of it. So should the Body be transformed by Christ's spirit as the water into new wine that others will have no choice but to exclaim about His spirit.  He also came with a sword and not a leaf of peace.

​Christ purposefully determined to agitate those of the world and those who claimed Him as a prize. How much more are we the Body to do? Do we fear the world or do we Christ? Is He not our seat of judgment and is not our commission one of His extension? How can we claim to be Christ to this world if we are not Christ foremost; not to those within our confines but to Christ Himself. Let us, therefore, hold Him up and not deceive ourselves with the flesh and this world.

There is one banner and it is Christ’s! For as the Body; do we only see and not perceive? For is not this world steadily degrading itself into pettiness and rights of the flesh. And with every demonstration move to chaos, disorder, and strife! Are they not deceptive for the gain of the flesh? When good becomes evil and evil becomes good? Surely, if Christ reigns in you, then the good fight of Faith is the horn of Salvation to this lost and dying world. Who but Christ can redeem, renew and rededicate what is good and Righteous before the Throne of God.  

Make haste forsaking not the Word; making it the law of your heart. Write it deep so that fear cannot erase it. For many of the Body suffers for Christ’s Blood and need all parts to stand for His Standard of Righteousness. For if one part of the Body is under duress; all of it is. Make haste for Christ; make haste for the Body and make haste for His coming who with His winnowing fork will clear the threshing floor for the Harvest and burn the chaff with unquenchable fire.

To be Christ; is to have the mind of Christ! Not the world’s; but Christ’s! Prepare the horses for battle, polish and strengthen the armor we received and with all glaze of flint, be ready in and out of season. For the Spirit is on the move looking to draw the battle lines and to take the ground that is Christ’s. Just as the world watched at the foot of the cross and proclaimed; “This is surely the Son of God”. Then will this world and those lost to it do the same when we hold the ground and do not retreat and the faithless eyes will be open to see the Heavenly host surrounding the enemy from the vantage point of the higher ground as we shout to Him; “Christ in us; Christ in the world”!


Letters to the Faithful.

Letter to the Faithful.
Sept. 24, 2018.

Letters to the Faithful