Letters to the Faithful.

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Letters to the Faithful


Call His Name! We have been given such a Grace from God, yet many in the Body neglect this Grace bringing sorrow to the Heart of the Lord. Like a builder who knowingly builds on weaken sand; why is their surprise and grief for ignoring the price for a strong and stable justification. For did He not bare our pain of death so that we may rejoice and have joy in this life? How be it then that we fail to use the Power given onto us for our daily deliverance. Call upon His Name! The Name of our Lord; Jesus!

Letter to the Faithful.
Jan. 15, 2018.

The evil one is but a dog roaming about with a snap to see whom he can devour; not may devour. So be not fooled when he barks with accusations of imperfections; for being the first fallen; he is the father of imperfection to all that is unrighteousness. Stay strong in the Name above all on and in the Earth. The Name of Victory; Jesus!

This darken one is but a beast of fear and as with every of its kind; when we stand firm on the foundations given to us; with all fearlessness in our glare never shifting on the confidence of the Blessed Assurance; then what choice has this beast but to flee having self doubt in his gaze as the very beasts of this ground. Never fail to call upon the Name of Grace; Jesus!

By His Grace is our imperfections made perfect to the enhancement and illumination of His Name. Those who defy His Grace are but ignorant of the design of their image. For we are made for partaking of a sovereignty that we neither know the workings of nor know the immutability of except for its manifestations for God’s Glory. These manifestations will only stand for time under the Name above all. For it soars in the highest of atmosphere and by it are we renewed from the carnal frail feathers into the Spirit with new, strengthen and majestic wings; just as the mature eagle of the skies. And just as this bird surveys with its vast perspective. So will our eyes be in the Spirit, seeing beyond this world into the Faith of God. Because only by the Name are we isolated from those enslaved to their flesh all the while crying out for recognition into their prideful detriment. But His Name keeps us in His Spirit. For it is the Spirit that beckons us to His Name. The Name of Love; Jesus!

Let no shaking be in you but with all consciousness have His Name on every breathe that comes in the day and night watches. For He who keeps us; neither alters nor breaks His Word to bring us into His presence. The presence of His keen adoration; that of Jesus. And whenever His gleam of Salvation is recognized so does His obligation to safeguard all who call upon the Glorious Risen One to abandon the cross of burden and be elevated above all that is but death’s door into eternal grinding of teeth. Let not your first thoughts be on distress but primed into empowerment in the weapons of our warfare. For by Praise and Worship is the Name over darkness given Power, Principalities, and Thrones to succeed all that attempts to deceive the body, mind and spirit. His Name is Jesus!