Letter to the Faithful.
Jan. 22, 2018.

When did Jesus receive again those He healed; even before the cross and resurrection. And did the apostle not hold this pattern in their Acts? Be of good courage for Paul emboldened us to renew the mind, for the flesh is weak but the Spirit of God comes to our aid at the time of seeking. For the dark one’s aim is to devour those who unsure in Faith cling to the power of man. Christ is in you; the Hope of Glory. And if in you; then His Glory! For can, once light enters into darkness; be overshadowed by it? Come to this realization that Christ’s work is not incomplete but for the surety of those who carry it. For the Spirit is everything and is contained within the Glory. Glory not to be hidden but revealed even from the grave.

The flesh is dead! And God in His mighty hand demonstrated His Glory in the very depths of death having made a parade of it before all subjugation. So if the grave has no power over His Glory; then how can the death in you contain it? The flesh is dead! And only His Glory lives on in you. The Glory that is in Christ! Be of joy then brothers for we are in Christ and His Glory is in us. Now, weaken not this Glory by the carnal mind but with all command place in Righteousness all things above, on and under this Earth. For we are not subject to any form of death be it fallen spirit, demons or the fears of the author of death. No! Put down everything that tries to usurp the very Throne and sovereignty of our Heavenly Father. For we have been made; made! The Sons and Daughters of His Kingdom and have been bought by Grace in His inner circle.

Then act on it! For His sovereignty does not stagnate and He looks for those willing to hold His standard high for His manifestations and revealing of His presence in the body, mind, and spirit. Let us not cast for doubt but Faith in all things that are contained in His Word to the Body and the world. For Faith comes by hearing, and doubt by seeing. For if one claim healing and still demonstrates it’s ailment to the Body; then is this not crucifying Christ all over again? And was not the shame and fear of the cross not burnt by Christ’s phoenix from death? We; having been raised with Him into Heavenly places are also rebirth from the ashes of death. We; are His temples! A temple of great and magnificent light where no darkness can afford to dwell. For God through Christ is in you.


Letters to the Faithful.

Where is God? And have you the Faithful not been given His Power mighty through our Christ Jesus? His Throne is open for all who in confidence come boldly before His Throne of Grace, not only for mercy but for empowerment. For is not the Body strengthen in all things through Christ? Then why having received His atonement beyond the grasp of darkness do some perpetually seek the laying of hands at the altar for the same falsehoods of the flesh. We have been made free!

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Letters to the Faithful