The enemy is insidious and so are his minions. Many who by blind will do the work of destruction and hate. But the Glory will reveal what is hidden and the blind, they shall see. They shall see the Glory’s Light of Salvation. Bear them all up to the LORD and weaken not! For Heaven and Earth groans in travail for the Sons of God to be known in the darkest of hours; in despair and fear. For as the pest moves; it cannot hide from the God of Ages whose begotten Blood of Hope, Faith, and Love covers the Faithful who sing in their hearts of the Spirit. So sing and be not dismayed for God does not fail when Faith arises and the flesh is diminished and the spirit elevates unto the Heavenly Throne room. I tell you; sing! 

Sing when it is dark! Sing when it is Light! Let not distractions by your limits tame you; nor the feelings of the world deter you. For those who push hate are but spirit of hatred themselves and will never have the LOVE of Christ. For do they not choose to hate? Choose to destroy! But when we choose to LOVE are we then not moved by Christ? Who for all that was done to Him in body, mind, and spirit avail not the hatred that has saturated the world and those who by action become the fury of darkness that failed to triumph over the Blood of Jesus. Did the Angels not sing at our LORD’s tomb? And even at the cross? And did not the grave fail to hold our LORD? For whom but God foresaw the outcome and rejoiced in the knowledge that the fallen choir master was only moved by his vitriol and hate; and being bound by pride’s demise; the dark one nailed Christ to the post of shame and magnitude. For always with pride and hatred comes the stumbling of all those who with the self righteous finger demolish and crumble the very foundation of their making.  

So sing of Victory; single or group, and let the trumpets harmonize the sounds of celebration as with Joshua's walls. For death has lost its sting; being made of no fear, and our God is in control. Leave the world behind and take up the Cross no longer the surety of death but the banner of the Joy of Salvation. Sing unto the LORD; let your praises be with notes of joy and conviction; let it be with your gatherings; but especially let it be in the marketplace for that’s where the enemy is and he cannot endure the sound of praise. I tell you; Sing! 


Letters to the Faithful


Sing! Sing onto the eternal One. Let your praises go up to the God of Glory; who by decree will not be moved by the chaos of the world. Sing praises onto Him for His Dominion is long, wide, and deep, and is final. Will not He be moved by your songs of praise? The world loves the darkness but in it is the Light of God waiting to manifest as He did in the days of Elisha. We only need to open our gates and sing. For God inhabits the praises of His saints especially when we look to His Glory!

Letters to the Faithful.

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Letter to the Faithful.
Sept. 20, 2020.