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Fear cannot enter the secret place of the Most High! Nor shall it take you from it day or night especially when the noise is so great and the mocker cries out to you. Many will die in front of you but death will not pass onto you nor onto those in Covenant with you by the Power and Blood of the Lamb. For fear is not of the secret place but Faith encircles all who in adoration seeking His Face. And by His Face so are His moving Spirits of help and ministry to aid you in all that concerns you as the unseen terror moves about prodding those he sees to devour. No fear shall encapsulate you but only the Word Faith in this season of change and uncertainity. 

Love of the Father is the secret place! For no greater Love He gave but for you to have refuge and breath in His habitation. For His Hand does not idle for those who by Blood Birth is His, just as the Word that dwells on His Throne of Righteousness and Justice. And being justified have been bestowed all rights of heritage of His everlasting Kingdom not for Earthy good but for Heavenly Righteousness to put down and make of no reward that serpent of old and everything of false exultation that is manmade or spiritually fallen by the decree and declarations of God’s will. But in all; exalt and hold up the very name of Jesus; Savior for all eternity! 

Jesus; is our secret place! Let us not disdain His Cross of Glory; not just for an already Glorious Kingdom of Light but for the Righteous illumination of the darkness that so binds many into the blindness of chains and bondage. For in your secret place the Lord Jesus is eager to dwell. To make all new! So no matter what creeps outside; inside the hearth a table is set before your enemies and those of our Christ. For; His promise is to dwell with us every day; ready to deliver us from anxiety, and the deep dark pit. And by His Grace and intent, place us on the high edge of the Light of His Glory; and because we call upon His Name not in shame but in Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding; He is with us and by Him, our honor, life, and Salvation is assured because we remain hidden in the secret place of the Most High! 


Letter to the Faithful.
Apr. 04, 2020.

Letters to the Faithful


Enter the Secret Place you who seek Hope and relief from the sinister darkness that moves about in the day. For your Hope is in the Lord! Does He doze knowing the plight of His beloved ones? Look to His Glory this Day knowing He is Faithful and just in all that He does. He will place you under His wings of sanctuary and His feathers surely will not fail its shelter of Grace and Mercy from all snares by the deceiver of darkness. For we must exalt Him as our fortress in whom we trust !

Letters to the Faithful.