Letter to the Faithful.
Apr. 20, 2021.

​Therefore, be strong in the storm and not let the enemy cover you in fear with the world's withholding of all that is good and pure in this world. But let freedom become reigned in your spirit, mind, and body as unto the LORD’s Day. The Day to transcend this world into His arms of Grace and Salvation. 

I tell you; stand in the storm! For yet is the time quickening and but short will be the days ahead before the divine Storm of His immutability be displayed. Ha! Rejoice in the storm! And dance in the rain that cleanses and redeems us from all the sludge that the world bombards us with the purpose to weigh heavy to quench the Light that temes within us. Did you know before the mountains of the tidal there is a withdrawing of all the shores pleasure and by its retreat, signals what is to come? The omnipotent force that the manmade constructs cannot withstand. Ha! I tell you rejoice and embrace the storm!

The Heavens reveal but a coming of the bellows and on its steps comes the storm of down pouring rain. For its teases with a scattering then a concentrate but its goal is a deluge to panic you into shelters of desperations. So prepare for the storm! And be not caught unaware in your abode fearful of the creeping and silent darkness that tries to break in urging you to seek comfort from the mandates of the world. But feed the flame of Life lest it dispels but with a whisper of insidious voices. Be then resolved to the storm, speaking to it as our Saviour and LORD commands and by this, He is Faithful to our Hope and Love for all that the storm hides with its gale and gust which is the Revelation of the clear blue skies aglow in frame with He who is brighter and more Glorious than the sun. Be then the Storm of His Glory in the storm of the world!


Be the Storm! Do not fear but by Grace stand in the face of the storm. Is this not what our LORD Jesus did despite the hearts of man’s failure? He stood in the storm and did not deter His gaze to it. For while the enemy is loud and at times leaning on all sides, he is but lifeless smoke and only a shadow that dissipates when faced with the mighty Spirit that is our heritage to Glorify. For while the storm rages, the Spirit of God is in control, and without Him, the storm has no ground. For is not in Him are all things made for His purpose? Then, be brave in the storm!

​Do not dismay for in this crucible we have now the Grace to reinforce our foundations for any gateways in its strength and resolve. That the Word is the Power in us and no matter what man does to insulate us by facades; it is by His Spirit are we sustained and led through the storm. 

Letters to the Faithful.

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Letters to the Faithful