Have no fear! For by fear the pestilence comes and overtakes you! Do you not wear the armor of God and with it the Glory surrounds you. He; that small of a man chisels at your armor; looking for the gap for clandestine entry to corrode the fortitude we often sweat to build from and against the gringe of the past. A past that only enslaves you for the future of darkness, vainness, and groaning of despair, with no Hope, and the very deep and hollow pit of regrets, and time no longer gained. No! Have no fear of the pitch of darkness that advances the true pestilence agenda that is being insidiously propagated into the commons of society.

Letters to the Faithful.

Letters to the Faithful


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Be strong by the foundations of the Word; in its might through Christ Jesus! Do you not yet accept your call of Light and the pleasure Anointed onto you by the Hand of God? For if you are but luke-warm; how can then His wings keep you from the beat of that scarlet woman of age? And does not fire burn more intensely the more it covers you. Young man! When will you grow your beard! And you, young woman; your crown of Glory! For you have been freed by the Blood that flows willing when you immerse in it not for a moment but for the hour and seasons no matter what valley or hill you put your presence in. 

That vain of creatures has nothing left having been removed from his appointed Glory but is only a gnat having now the lowest of place to a flower and being vexed for the lost of his podium in the lyrics of Heaven. His is jealousy and vitriol as displayed by those equally plagued by envy, madness, and arrogance having their just harvest and reward for exalting the vain imaginations of disobedience. For how can the clay make its own hands; and can one’s fingers form the other fingers? Awake old man! And by the dawn, fragrances, and essences of God's presence take your place in the citadel of Lampstands. For the time is come for all to bow or to stand! 

The pestilence is but the mist coming down from the hills of the living dead with their corrupted thrones having no root by the Word of God. Be it natural, manmade, or of those fallen ones; it heralds portents. Some to be false. Some to be evidence. And some to be staged. All for the conduct of instilling fear. And with fear, there is little or no faith. If you fear the mist; you will miss the LORD! So shore up your embankments! And fill the cracks in your armor! For it only takes a drip to become a gush before it breaks and all the waters of Life are lost to the vastness of the void. And with it confusion and all manner of evil. For all is trickery! Be prepared! And prepare! 

Surrender to the mighty presence of the LORD! For what pestilence can overtake Him? Isn’t He the creator of all? For being before, now, and later; He is in control of all things evil and good for His Glory and our final redemption from the dying world having no longer any gleam of His Light, Life, and Glory. Yet; be not faith hearted in these darkens days for His Hour is yet to come. So burn brightly your light and more intensely filling your cup to overflow lest you are one of the five lost to the darkness having no foresight and Wisdom to be in the Peace that only the Blood can give while waiting in Hope, Love, and Faith; for His overwhelming appearance on clouds of white in joyous Triumphant entry and blinding Light of His Glory.


Letter to the Faithful.
Nov. 01, 2021.