Sept. 05, 2021.


The Practical Christian Series.

Jesus did not curse the demons as we know how Biblical cursing is used. But what He did was essentially the same by commanding them with words and His authority. He in effect cursed them back into their judgment of wandering the Earth by the exorcising of the man and allowing them to go into the pigs which all died anyway resulting in their roaming. Jesus cursed the fig tree. Jesus’ prime purpose was not putting to death the physical fig tree for as noted it was not the time of figs but He was Spiritually putting to death what the fig tree represented. This affirms the Spiritual use of cursing which not only can have immediate physical results but also have long-term Spiritual implications into physical manifestations. 

To curse then is to remove the Spiritual life force that is embodied with the Blessing and to leave what is cursed with the absence and void of God’s hand. This is why as stated; “Christ (was) made a curse for us; (indicating) cursed is every one that is hung (displayed, abandoned, ornamented) on a tree”. Hence, why Jesus says to God as stated; “why have You forsaken (disavowed, turned away, discarded) Me”. On the cross; Jesus no longer had God’s Spirit to protect Him. He was cursed therefore the Blessing could not work. This symbolism of being hung on a tree has its irony of being near to the source of life but without any real connection, which is the opposite to Jesus’ declaration to us as stated; “unless you abide (connect) to Me there will be no fruit (blessings)”. 

The Study Series


Let’s get it straight! You can curse! As stated; “the people shall curse him”. Why and when we curse all depends on the Spirit. To curse with a Righteous perspective is to declare God’s abandonment and judgment but to curse unrighteous is to tear down God’s will, purpose, and sovereignty which can bring judgment on you. 


This is the purpose of cursing. To kill! You may not know why that thief is stealing but you know it is wrong to steal. Now; we are not talking about physically killing but because we are dealing with evil and demonic possessions the aim is to kill or rather derail, stop, or thwart their insidious plans as stated; “for we wrestle (struggle, engage, oppose) not against flesh and blood (...but) spiritual hosts of wickedness”. So by your Righteous authority and God-given words, we bind (chain, inhibit, diminish) the evil spirits that are influencing people to do their dark works. That’s the Spiritual purpose of cursing which is to stop evil works.

Now; am I saying we should start going around cursing everyone and everything that seems evil and has sinned. No! But with a Righteous outlook, evaluation, and comprehensive fact-checking including prayer; we take the steps to curse Righteously. Some obvious things to curse are adult video places or strip bars. With evil people, it is more prudent to find Bible verses that speak to judgment and declare it over them. In general, the guide is if these entities have, or will harm the innocent by stealing, killing, and destroying foundations meant to protect and provide for them. We are after all stewards of life. 

The use of the curse has a solid foundation in God’s word and Kingdom but it is often to our detriment that due to laziness we fail to rightly divide the word for Righteous Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding resulting in the surrender of our Godly authority into vagueness, politeness, and underrated goodness often sidestepping God’s Righteous cause to not only curse the devices of the devil but more importantly establish what is justified in the protection of the innocent and God’s blessings upon His people. We have been given the right to administer justice within God’s Kingdom framework as stated; “when the thief is discovered; he must restore sevenfold all that was stolen”. 

Gen. 3:14, Deut. 30:7, Prov. 24:24, Mk. 11:21, Jms. 3:9, Rev. 22:3.

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To use curse words is not the same as some often mistake and misunderstood the use of corrupted words which includes swearing. Every word or rather declaration has Power behind it. This is where our responsibility of the organization of words must be done prudently. For example; saying “you are stupid”; or “don’t be stupid”; is not the same as “that was stupid”. The former two is a corrupted phase while the latter; a Righteous evaluation and statement. They both are not curses. To make it an evil curse would be to say; “everything about you is stupid”. Generally, statements of the moment are not curses but long-term pronouncements are; like generational curses. This is because the Power of the curse is specific just like the Power of Love. The Righteous use of the curse would be along the lines of; “their evil plans are cursed to be stupid (flawed, illogical, confused)”; meaning there is no life to them or they are not merited to succeed. 

Another misconception is the power to curse an entire set of people; which is not possible because unless you know every single person in the following generations, then the effects of that curse diminish over time based on how it is kept alive. This is often referred to as a generational curse. But if the environment changes for the next generation then the circumstances of the original curse become weakened or void. This is why God instructed Abram to leave his hometown. God wanted him away from his known traditions, cultures, norms, and curses so as to have a clean slate to teach him what Righteousness is. Ultimately, evil curses can be removed by the affirmation of God’s word and the Blood of Jesus because we have been restored to our true image and authority over the law.  

Too often even among Christians, the generational curse is self-imposed such as when it is declared by the example; “my father had cancer so will I have cancer”. In this case, corrupted words are extending and producing the curse as stated; “calls those things which do not exist as though they did”; “The words that I speak to you are Spirit (supernatural), and they are Life (manifestations)”; “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”; and; “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words, you will be condemned”. Well, if you hope to die at sixty; you probably will! Just like most things; satan has twisted what God intended for our benefit by the use of innuendos, and political corrections to steal, kill, and destroy just like he did in the Garden.


This means; the Blessing is always available but by our often self-imposed curse; there is separation from God; our source of Life reflecting the statement of; “near, yet so far”. In essence, when you curse someone or something we are declaring God’s presence to leave that person or thing to the curse of the law of whatever is sowed; that same will be reaped; which is the Spiritual governance for justice on the Earth. This is part of what separates Christianity from other religions or cults that promote karma. In Christianity, God is the ultimate arbitrator of justice and dispenses His will to match the crime or by Grace reduces, defers, or removes the results of this governance. He is able to do this as stated by Jesus and as we ought to know; “The Sabbath (law) was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath; therefore the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath (law)”. A curse is bound by the law but only God and by inference; the Body of Christ can arbitrate its results. 

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Letters to the Faithful.

God used the Levites to warn His people of the curse if and when they disobeyed and many prophets interpreted or called down a curse like Daniel and Elisha, respectively. And even Gabriel cursed Zechariah to be dumb because of his persistent disbelief. The Bible is littered with God’s people calling others stupid, ignorant, and even brute. Too often many Christians treat such things as taboo. Never wanting to have a Righteous discourse and conclusion so as to be empowered to take up as stated; “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”. Jesus cursed and so should we! 

Some say that’s Jesus and we are not allowed to do such things. Yet Jesus tells us we will do greater things than He did. And so it follows; if He blessed; we bless more and if He cursed; we are to curse. Now, some will point out this is contrary to the Bible. This is where religion has confused the word and just like the commandments; some of these instructions were to redirect the lost, confused, and ignorant back into repentance, redemption, and restoration because they were babies in the Word. The mature Christian today ought not to be like those of the New or Old Testament because of the revelations since that time and the availability of the Holy Spirit today. Every man, woman, and child of God is given the gift to use words for life or death as directed by the Holy Spirit. And just like any weapon; it is not its potential for violence that matters but more essentially why it is warranted. We cannot be passive heirs of God’s Kingdom when our mandate is to take dominion, with the exception of humans, for His purposes here on the Earth.

To Righteously curse is a part of taking dominion from the enemy. These include especially those who purposely look to subvert God’s will and seek to implement destruction, enslavement, and control over God’s creation and heirs. To apply the curse is no different than when we have no choice to judge and evaluate another part of the Body of Christ. We must do it objectively, without bias, and prudently administer the word for a Righteous outcome. The reason to curse is for protection, prosperity, and provision of the people, especially the innocent because as stated; “when the wicked rule, the people cry”. If you had to care for a child and a thief (abuser) wanted to steal the child’s innocence; your only discourse would be to defend and even kill this perverter; hence the command is to not murder but to kill is justified under Righteous circumstances.