The God Series - Fatherhood.
Aug 7, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful.

Now, some may say; He is God and there is no choice in accepting His Fatherly demands? This cannot be denied even from the most ardent sons and daughters of God’s Kingdom. The Father is both stern and flexible in all that He requires of His offsprings. We see this in many who decided to be that son or daughter but especially in the life of Jesus. Jesus’ short recorded life in the Bible may leave the impression to those blinded by disobedience to the love of the Father that Jesus’ life was nothing more than one of enslavement to a set of rules, regulations, and decrees. The world may see Jesus nothing more than a robot obeying His creator’s commands. So how can God be a good and perfect Father when He wants to dictate everything we do for His pleasure and purpose? Where is man’s true freedom of choice? And is not the role of a father to create the environment of growth for their child?

Any baby in perfect safe surroundings still would require someone to intervene in their natural built in curiosity. It is this that can potentially open a whole world of hurt but is necessary for all growth in mankind. Now, consider the first man and woman was born at least in their pre-adult years, with every ability to comprehend and appreciate life and death and yet still choose death or rather the imprinted lie from satan. That just confirms just how much man needs the Father to always be his guide. A guide for everything from A to Z and beyond. The Father is whole and holistic in all He does, especially with His children who seek Him. Consider the scenario in the Garden; when God places the Tree of good and evil.

The world has twisted what a father is and with this, we are faced with the ultimate question of; “What came first, the chicken or the egg”? And as with any person born into this world, they at some point in their life will ask another profound and similar question. That is, “What is my purpose in life”? No one can deny a heritage and history that influences our future. Even when we abandon it for another, like someone converting from Christianity to Islam. This past can never truly be erased as God designed it so even if we change our outward self; our inward, DNA, will still carry in it generations of the past. It is why Paul reiterates what the ancients knew of the Truth and that is unless a man abandons things of the past he cannot truly live in the present and future. What Paul and others are really saying; is we have to change our source of identity.

The Study Series


God commanded not to eat of this Tree, but as a Father, He advised the result would be death. This death is twofold but mainly speaks to the Spiritual separation from the Father. God administer the conditions but as the Father seeks to educate and protect His children. The Father seeks a relationship of working with us as partakers of His household or Kingdom which His sovereignty is as God. Ultimately, God and the Father are inseparable just as any man who has an Anointing for Pastorship and is also a father. The former role is guided by his integrity while the latter by his heart. And as the duality of the role so is the application of the judgment. This is why we pay homage to YHWH and respect to the Father. God’s aim is to be the Father to us His children wanting us to acknowledge Him as God as the source of life; imprinting us for the New Jerusalem to come; a finality of His Fatherly gift of Salvation.


Gen. 2:17, Ps. 68:5, Matt. 5:16, Lk. 11:2, 2 Cor. 6:18.

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The man is created with two programs if you will. The first is the mind which stores every piece of data from as a baby in the womb and secondly has software to communicate with that stored data and with incoming information from an outside frequency which is physical and Spiritual in nature. Simply put, the man is an organic input and output being. So what does this have to do with God as a Father? Everyone that provides input for an output is a father of some form or another. For whereas God is the creator of all things; it is the Father that inputs or rather instill into His image; the man. Life, as we know, is designed for imprinting and the perpetual imprinting of a prime into a secondary source. This is why under the right conditions, one form of secondary life can be imprinted from another form of prime life. This is proven by science. A father is not only about organic perpetuation but more so, about an ideological manifestation.

We can never truly be like God but we can be exactly like the Father. God created the Garden but as the Father is provided the Tree of Truth and the Tree of good and evil (knowledge). Everything an offspring of any father would need to journey through this physical life and the next Resurrected life. It is true, a father ought to provide a conducive environment for growth but this does not include safe guarding, pampering or safe spaces. A father's protection should never be about limiting a child's growth or experience but just as the Father's perspective, about instilling wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. We are designed to learn more effectively and efficiently by doing. This is Faith in action; a key foundation for man's empowerment. To borrow from the military, a father provides for the child the circumstances “To be all you can be”! We can never know what we can do or accomplish without challenges to the body, mind, and spirit. This is what the Father does and did for us.

How do we put into words what most of us have never had? A father that embodies every notion that we want both physically and spiritually. Even though some of us have or had a good father; we have to admit they weren't perfect and fell short on some things that every child that is seeking mentorship, strength and long-suffering for their own personal journey in this life. There is just no replacement for the Fatherhood God provides and gives without subjugation of our body, mind, and spirit. God; is a good, good Father.