Letters to the Faithful.

The God Series - Generousity.
Jun. 23, 2017.

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No other person the Bible demonstrates that even though God gives us; it is our responsibility to maintain, grow and protect what He has so generously provided and given. We don’t know how Job accumulated his wealth, except with the statement, he feared and eschewed evil. He was very content and so was his family. In addition, he enjoyed status and respect from those in his community. Job had it made until he forgot a foundation to the principles of his prosperity. Eventually, after a devastating loss; God restores more than Job had lost. Job remembered the key and put it into practice once more. That key to God’s generosity is not only being good before Him but to have Faith in Him. This Faith that He is a generous God!


Gen. 24:35, Ex. 12:36, Num. 14:8, Matt. 7:11, 1 Tim. 6:17.

The Study Series


God’s generosity is not about favoritism but about His perspective of his children having desires that He instilled in them. For He created us with senses to experience the physical world He created. This speaks to the unselfish nature of God’s person and His want to be generous to all in His sovereignty and Fatherly care. God could have created another type of Angel but in His Wisdom and Knowledge created the man of flesh and blood that is subjected and subjects the physical world through the senses. The generosity of God encompasses all the desires of a man’s body, mind, and spirit. For with one, He Blesses with strength as with Samson; another with conviction like the boy, David; and with prophecy or vision in Daniel. We, as the Body of Christ, reflect these three and other icons in one form or another. Sometimes with multiple gifts that God has given to us for His Glory and by His generosity. For He could have created us without feelings, expressions, and opinions.

God’s heart is a generous heart seeking to give to His children happiness, peace and rest from any form of toil or labor. Genesis reveals that heart with the garden pre-prepared for the first man and woman. When we truly consider why and how God created the Earth and universe, we can only come to the conclusion it was all for us. For God is Spirit not needing anything of the physical senses. He is self-contained while we are not. God generosity stems from wanting us pleased and satisfied, so that in turn we would appreciate and honor Him for all of His wondrous works. It is what a father does for his children.

​Despite all the problems man has caused for God; He is still generous to even those who turn their backs on Him and those who offend Him. When the Jews left Pharaoh’s oppression, they did not leave empty handed and in a day gained wealth, property, and lifestyle. They all had many of their desires fulfilled including fine linen, precious stones, and processions. As much as they could carry and take with them. Now, do we really think that all these Jews were pious and Holy before God? That they weren’t evil men among them who did not pray to God for Salvation? Every generation is reflected in the parable that Jesus spoke of with the field filled with tares that if torn out too soon can harm the full harvest of the wheat - Matt. 13:24-30. For as stated, “God supplies the rain for good and evil men alike” - Matt. 5:45.

Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you, for in My Father’s house are many mansions” - Jn. 14:2. Not only will we be completely renewed into His image but also rewarded with things of beauty. For how can we receive a mansion and it not be furnished? God is generous to those who have persevered into His Kingdom, becoming a true son or daughter of it. No other god or deity promises both the fulfillment of the Spirit as well as the senses than the God of Righteousness.

The Psalms encourages us to delight in God and He will give us the desires of our heart - Ps. 37:4. Did you notice; these desires are not restricted to just Spiritual things? The generosity of God is in direct link to our spirit and anything our eyes desire. Now, there are limitations to this or rather restrictions. For God will not give us, what destroys us. This is the difference between the desire of lust and one of being fulfilled with joy. And as said by John, “above anything, I wish you prosper as your soul prospers” - 3 Jn. 1:2. We can determine just how much God’s extent of generosity impacts us by our spiritual growth and is why Paul tells us to mature into the greater things of Christ. Too often, religion has focused on God being an overbearing being, watching over our shoulder, ready to snap at us for sin and disobedience. The very nature of God’s generosity is to empower us into that cornucopia generosity God is waiting to pour onto us.

​God says, “Test Me and I will pour out such a Blessing, we won’t be able to contain it” - Mal. 3:10. No other god gives such an open invitation for their generosity. For who should dare to test a god! God’s entire charter is to place us in a position to receive, which is governed by His laws. This may challenge the Christian thinking, for even evil men benefit from these laws. Now, to be fair; we Christian’s have an enemy who has sworn to kill, steal and destroy anyone who accepts God’s sovereignty and the Blood of Jesus. But God is not a babysitter and seeks to teach us to be responsible for our Blessings and all the things we receive from His generosity. Did you notice; we bring in tithe, which is usually money, but He “pours out such a blessing”; which may not be money but other things. The Blessing includes all that is good and Righteous before God and His works. One can almost say God’s work is to make us not only satisfied but hungry for more things of pleasure. The things of pleasure that uplifts, empowers and fills us with gratitude. The things that we enjoy is a blessing and also becomes a blessing to others. This is linked to abundance; having more than enough, we automatically share with others, which becomes a fruit of the Spirit. For God promises, “all our needs are filled” - Phil. 4:19. If all your needs are filled, then what is left is our wants. A basic car for point A to point B is a need but to drive your desired vehicle is a want. I have heard of testimonies where someone makes a statement of a nice car, or something else, only to be blessed with the same from someone they do not know. God is listening, watching for our heart's desire; wanting to fill it only if we place it in the proper and Righteous perspective. God’s generosity is because He wants to see and celebrate in our joy!