Let’s face it; it’s all about the man. He was first to be created as an image and representative and when that didn’t follow through as required; another man was created to make all things the first did wrong; right. The man has been historically seen as the epitome of superiority, imagination, and organization. The notion of his power has been well established across borders, cultures, and religions. The man is solely responsible for any and everything that has occurred that has benefited or affected the peoples of the earth. Whether one is religious or pagan, most if not all societies have as their main icon, the man. 

Spiritual Awakening

God has three main roles for the man including, visionary, priest and teacher. All three roles require the man to fill where required and essential. Hence, the man is really created to be a servant in all three roles and to those he leads. Leaders (the man) are not only at the front by vision, but also in sacrifice where necessary in the body as a priest, and must seek to empower all who follow by the role of a teacher. Jesus fulfilled all these roles constantly and depending what was required at the time, interchanged between these roles. He cast the vision, “become fishers of men” - Mk. 1:17. He attended to those in need, “healed them” - Matt. 12:15. And He taught them as any worthy visionary (man), priest (sacrifice) as a teacher would, “when you pray” - Matt. 6:6. This is why being Christians, followers of Christ; men ought to imitate and re-establish what Jesus came and died for, and what Adam did not employ. To be the man of God.

Moses loses his right of leadership not because he did not provide but because of dishonoring God’s way and status. He did not obey the first commandment; to put God first. This was Adam’s crime also. God is not petty, but is righteous in everything, having an order and purpose not for today but for centuries ahead of this time. God is masterful at long term planning. Now, some may say, why wasn’t Aaron punished, for under his watch, did the people rebel. The answer again lies with Moses' leadership. Aaron became Moses mouthpiece because Moses did not accept God’s vision fully that he would be fully equipped to challenge Pharaoh's claim over the chosen people. - Ex. 6:30, Ex. 7:2. Due to his ‘crutch’, God having a timetable satisfy both Moses and His will. Moses is the leader but Aaron is the spokesperson and his prophet. Aaron was never given authority over the affairs of the chosen people, but under guile made a decision that resulted in disobedience. This was Eve’s crime. No matter how events shape up and play out, it is the leader’s responsibility to ensure his followers know their level of authority and boundaries so that order and line of responsibilities are maintained. Some may say, it’s like God is a military ruler wanting everyone to fall in line. No one can really completely speak to Heaven’s environment prior to Lucifer’s rebellion, but consider this that the Angels are not only referred to as the army of God, with different classes and are also innumerous to count. No one has this sort of body, if not for war.

We may try to argue that both these men were out of their depth and never had a course in leadership, so how can God expect them to know what is the right thing to or not to do. The man is appointed to the leadership position and role not because of his strength or his intelligence but because of his spirit. For God breathe into his nostrils and gave him life. This life is not referring to the heart pumping blood, but the very Spirit of God and through the nostril is an indication of man’s very being cannot exist or do without God’s breathing into, giving him all that is required to be a man. When God instructed Moses to have the people organized physical representation of the covenant by making things, God appointed someone and  “filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship” - Ex. 31:3. God will not ask the man or the woman to do and take responsibility without providing the means, knowledge, techniques and the Spirit. The man is to set the example; first to his wife and then to his children.

Now as Christian’s; God has made both men and women equal before His Throne and a man in leadership, who chooses to not marry, invariably have women to support his role, and although there may not be intimacy; these connections do share similar relationships as a husband and a wife would. The man is mainly designed for focus while the woman for multi-tasking. This is not to stereotype both genders but from history and facts, most often these observations have well been established. The man is ordained by God to be in leadership and the woman in a supportive role. This is not only seen by the fact, Adam was created first, but Eve came from under his shoulder, indicating the supportive role as stated, “and God made woman from his rib”- Gen. 2:22. It is also interesting that Adam and Eve are both unique in that; Adam was “formed of the dust and God breath into him” - Gen. 2:7; while Eve is created from Adam, from a part of him. The picture that is seen here is that Adam is crafted, designed or molded for a role; a purpose or as a custom fit; just like a tool would be made for. Eve is taken from Adam and being of the same substance and makeup is like a duplicate of the origin; a back up to the original. Adam received God’s breath, and Eve received part of Adam, which would include his spirit. Now, I am not saying the woman does not have her own spirit, individual to her only; but that coming solely from Adam; her spirit is to be attuned to the man, as man’s spirit is to be attuned to God’s. It is a reflection of the Triune as in the Holy Trinity, where God is Spirit, Jesus (the Word) is a man (leader) and the Holy Spirit is like a woman (support). The practical application is given where having received the Spirit (God) by Anointing, Jesus (God incarnated as a man) leads by example and the Holy Spirit is provided for support, not only in works but counsel, as the women who surrounded Jesus and later the apostles did. The bible has placed more emphasis on Adam than on Eve. This indicates prominence, importance, and position. This is God’s will for ordained order and unity.

Unfortunately, many men have failed in their role and it is the woman who has met the challenges of leading and cannot be denied the recognition that has been earned. Just as in the garden, man has allowed satan to compromise what God ordained to be His representative, stature and standard. Adam used the very thing that was opposite to being a man of God. He used Eve as his scapegoat. The rest is history, as throughout the bible other men of God did the same thing. When Abraham was called to be “the father of the nations”; instead of heeding and trusting God’s Word, he just like Adam compromised his integrity by giving in to Sarah’s allure to challenge God’s promises. This is what happened in the garden when Eve gave the fruit to Adam to eat. The man was essentially seduced by their woman into sin and disobedience to God. There are several cases in the bible that demonstrates that whenever a woman takes matters into their own hands it results in disobedience and dire consequences. Of course, the man could and should have kept the order, by keeping Faith in God. Many would say and conclude, this proves “it’s the woman’s fault”; but they would be wrong; it’s really the man’s fault and his lack of leadership. Adam was appointed a caretaker and should have been vigilant to protect the garden from evil, which asks the question; why did he allow satan to come into the garden in the first place. It is not as if he was not aware of the existence of evil for God told him, “of the tree of knowledge, good and evil you shall not eat of” - Gen. 2:17. Adam could not claim ignorance to the fact of evil’s existence, having been given the Spirit of God.

In every scenario, the man failed to do what God ordained him to do, and that is to lead. There is a saying that being first makes you more responsible than those who come after. This is because supposedly the first would and should have more experience than those after. This is true, but having experience is of little matter if it’s not used properly and applied effectively. Remember, man has been given a specific role and so has a woman. This is the order of God. The Holy Trinity consists of three distinct entities, but only God, being the head calls the plays. What would have happened if Adam, taking the lead, maintained his integrity to God’s command not to eat of the forbidden fruit? It is reasonable to speculate that despite Eve’s actions; satan would not have won the day. Sure, there would have been consequences and accountability for the actions but God being just would have dealt with the causality. God examines the heart and whereas He will hold leaders more accountable than their followers, He only addresses the facts and the actions of individuals. After the Exodus of God’s chosen people, Moses demonstrates the man’s leadership responsibilities and succeeds as well as fail at it. The man’s foremost responsibility is to represent God’s will and he does this not only by words but mainly by actions. Generally, people do what they see rather than what they have been told.

Sept. 21, 2016.

Man vs. Christian.

The man has been given a rite of passage to the top of leadership without actually having to earn it. In most cases, his position of leadership is for life whether it has been proved to be of merit or disaster. He has been ordained to be the head. Many can argue this is because of his stature, strength and abilities but none of these physical traits make a man superior to be in a leadership position. Others can point to the intelligence that the man has and would be equally wrong. The leadership role of man has nothing to do with the body or with the mind, but his spirit which by birthright has guaranteed him to be the leader. Now, can women lead? In their own right, they have demonstrated this capability and many do stand shoulder to shoulder with other great leaders but they have not been spiritually ordained for this task. How can this be said, when women have played such key roles in history and have been recorded throughout the bible. This is true, but especially in those roles; they have been key roles just like any type of supporting role. Without these roles being filled, then the outcome for success is compromised. There are times that leadership requires a “softer touch”, and the women are designed to support the man for which she becomes an equal partner and deserves the rightful recognition.

Whenever man takes up his cross, positions, and responsibilities and follows the Spirit of God, he is elevated in his spirit to be as God ordained him to be. A leader who carries the standard of God, His will and His Spirit. He at once becomes that shepherd, who leads the flock, provides for them and willing sacrifices for them. For man is that caretaker, charged with the Godly order of things for vision, servitude, and empowerment.

Flush it Out! - God breathed into man.

The man of God is ordained for leadership and God will not remove His will for this. All men ought to yearn for what David became known as, “a man after God’s own heart” - Acts 13:22. David was neither strong nor intellectual but had a bold spirit. He was a skinny, feeble looking boy with good looks. Today, he would be referred to as a “pretty boy”; and no one would expect him to fight, seeing his outer appearance. So much so, Goliath states to David, “am I a dog that you come at me with sticks”? - 1 Sam. 17:43. David led by the spirit that was in him taking on what may have seemed impossible for his stature. David’s story is one of a boy who became a man not by age or body, but by the spirit that was “breath into his nostrils”. He reflected God’s heart and attitude toward darkness and evil saying, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied”. - 1 Sam. 17:45. This is a metaphor to the garden, where Adam should have stood for righteousness as David did. The weapons of Goliath is representative of insurrection, force, and war, while David’s response is the Spirit of God against this intrusion, for the enemies act of defying God’s will, His Anointed, and pleasure. Of course, the rest is history that despite what seems like overwhelming odds, one only needs God to overcome and triumph with these types of fears.

When the chosen people having become impatience and uneasy as to Moses absence, they influence Aaron to make idols. Moses now having to contend with this blatant sin appeases to God with reason and logic. Moses is taking responsibility as a leader in the role of priesthood. Moses steps up to the plate, even though it was Aaron who was appointed prophet and the priesthood lineage of the Levites would come from. God holds back his wrath due to Moses pleas. Moses still has an audience with God because he was not available to control or lead the people during their rebellion. Later on, when God gave Moses specific instructions on how to breach water from the rock; Moses chooses another method. The result is the same, as the water flows out of the rock. On the surface, there should be no problem with this, but God has His will in the details and because Moses did not follow exactly God’s instructions results in Moses not enjoying the fruits of his labor, to see and rest in the promise land. For God said, “because you did not believe and treated me as Holy you will not go to the land I have given them” - Num. 20:12.