God's ultimate desire is for us to be His image in all that entails. Not in looks or superficial aspects but in measurable accomplishments. That is impossible without knowing, appreciating and understanding His heart and Spirit. As Paul puts clearly; "to die so to live". The world tells us feelings are human but God demonstrates through Jesus and others; it is the Spirit that makes us the best human He designed, formed and embraced for a life of unlimited benefits. Just as with all charged with mentoring. They see our blind spots and despite knowing how we will feel provide constructive criticism to challenge us out of our comfort zone to improve, prepare and accomplish. God wants a deep, intimate and healthy relationship so that we may attain to His Righteous pride. Pride in being a son or daughter; an heir of His unwavering Kingdom! 

The Understanding given by the Spirit is by the Father who as with every parent sees potential in us as well as future issues by our actions. In many cases it is based only on a need to know basis to encourage us to get to the next point of our journey that will fulfill His thoughts towards us of peace and prosperity; ultimately to our Promised Land but more to the wells of waypoints that furnish the aid, building up of and establishing, of our bodies, minds, and spirits. This Understanding gleams in to; "God's ways and thinking are higher than men". This high Understanding if you will enable us not to be frustrated or question His immutability as to why so many innocent people suffer, are ignored or are marginalized.

The world seeks to make the man a cog in its Babel Tower where this false kingdom seeks edification for itself. But God's Kingdom seeks a symbiotic relationship supported by His long term vision as imparted by Spiritual Understanding. Hence why God tells us to come boldly to His Throne where He is open for a fair, balanced and Righteous discussion to reason on all things. He wants to impart His mind; His understanding to us so that we can make an impartial decision to join Him as an Heir or work against Him to our detriment. 

The Christian Walk


To understand God's purpose and ways is to have His Spirit coursing through our bodies, mind, and spirit. It is the reflection of His image as portrayed by His Son and our Lord; Jesus. It is when we submit despite what happens around us and regardless of what we feel, see or hear. It is the most difficult of character traits including the right attitudes required not only to be saved but to serve as He has ordained for us; our family; and even for our peace, health, and prosperity.

The third pillar of Understanding and probably the most critical is the action that is taken which often is a double-edged sword. For action induces Faith for the blessing or for the curse. There is carnal, unrighteous action based on dark pride. Then there is good action based on our thinking. But it is Righteous action based on God's purpose that this Spiritual Understanding seeks to appropriate. We may confess that the Holy Spirit provides us the Truth on all things but if we do take the appropriate Righteous action by Faith in practical terms; there will be no result to our expectations. For example, a person who wants healing; prays and have others pray for that healing; and then at the first feeling of pain, doubt or wrong report; destroys, delays and degrades the very thing they prayed for because they are inconsistent in the action of Faith to receive the unseen into the seen. 

This Understanding that is required for Faithful actions is not to be random hoping for the best. It is to be supported by the Spirit of Truth sent to us for; not our good but our Righteous welfare. Everything we do has a judgment and is evaluated against Jesus and ultimately God's sovereignty over us and this world. Consider as man accelerates technologically; his reasoning for Righteous acts including that of peace, prosperity and provision diminish. He becomes more like a child in a toy store rather than being Faithful in responsibility to each other and the planet. Godly Understanding is used in perspective of the things that ultimately matter. Preservation of humanity, civilization, and independence. When ideas are driven for only dominance and self-actualization; then Godly Understanding is lost and the man begins to regress in his purpose. Social media demonstrates this. The new Tower of Babel.

The first pillar of Understanding is that we are designed to operate in the Spiritual realm and by our dispositions, it manifests in the physical world. Every dreamed or spoke of a brand new red car of a specific type and in the following days that specific red car crosses your path? Was it pure coincidence or was there a connection between your desires to what the Spiritual world manifested to you. And isn't this Faith! The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things, not seen. There is an order or process of how God designed us to operate, be empowered and; "Be Blessed to be a blessing". We are encouraged to call Righteous things into manifestation.

No matter your background in Christianity; if the fundamentals of the walk are not adhered to, practiced and become a part of one's perspective; then one can expect to be unsure, unstable and frustrated in their walk. Sure; some live in a vacuum of bliss but it is these individuals that usually become ritualistic and religious Christians; never really progressing into the mind of Christ and not mirroring the life Paul outlines for the believer to reject the old man; embrace the new man, and run the race set before them towards not our Salvation but that of the unsaved. Jesus made it a concise understanding with His last direction and appeal to all who are His followers. That is to share the gospel and make disciples of all the nations. Now; that is Understanding!


Jer. 9:20, Dan. 1:20, Prov. 4:7, 1 Jn. 5:20, Phil. 4:7

To appreciate this, let's examine man's creation compared to the other types of life. God's ability does not rest in a productive process as in the manufacturing of items that require smaller parts assembled into bigger parts and finalized into the product. God said; "Light be". All the components that make up light materialized instantaneously. This instant creation was applied to all aspects of life except for man. The man was formed and then energized with the breath of God's Spirit. God purposely did this by design.

God's final and key part to man is His Spirit as compared to other things that often require key parts before completion. It is as if He was making the point without the spirit; man is nothing and is incomplete. It also tells us; His Spirit cannot be recreated or duplicated but has to be imparted. By this final step of man's creation; He is emphasizing the given spirit! And as we know without His Spirit guiding our spirit; we are lost, helpless and chaotic. This revelation is essential to receiving the Understanding of His omnipresence which is our key in all things seen and unseen. 

The second pillar of Understanding is for every blessing from the Spiritual realm there is a potential curse that will kill, steal and destroy this blessing given to us by birthright and by Spiritual resurrection. This type of doppelganger is due to the continued existence of satanic activity only because the Body and as Christian individuals; we do not fully and completely operate with the restored authority Jesus sacrificed for. Hence why Jesus still waits for His enemies to be put under His footstool. The man has been given a high form of thinking that constructs with not only existing but also imaginary things; of which there is no control of his thoughts. This is the reason God had to dismantle the Tower of Babel and disperse mankind; lest nothing devised by them will be withheld (for evil).

The fourth pillar of Understanding is and includes our perspective on the last pillars mentioned. It has to do with the relationship we have with the Father which is; "Father knows best" and which is revealed at the judgment seat where He spits out the lukewarm. There is no innuendo or shadow to what God does, says and declares. We, as the Body being true to the image of Jesus Christ, have no choice in the comprehension of decisions made first for God and secondly, made for us as individuals as well as our family. Metaphorically, we have not given the foresight to what's around the corner but a direct vision for the finality of our purpose and goals. When we do not abide by God's light and by the examples of Jesus' spirit and actions; we would operate more in fear from the things revealed by the world in the short term (around the corner) rather than the reward in the long term (faint distance) by our Faith in the promises of God.

Here is Understanding! From thoughts come words and by free will, they are wielded into reality. God's design of free will is for inheritance and not as payment. To have Heirs and not slaves. This free will birthright is afforded to Angels first and then to man. This free will is linked to the different dispensations given to His creations as gifts, roles, and relationships. The Angel's main gift is the procurement of what God desires and by inference; the same for the man. But unlike Angels, man has as his first blessing; the gift of words for the Authority of God's Righteousness. As stated; Life and death are in the power of the tongue or rather words. Angel's speak but their words do not have the authority of creation behind it.

The Christian Walk.
Dec. 09, 2019.

Understanding completes the trifecta of His mandate for all who have been given Salvation by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It balances the wisdom and knowledge given; based on how deep we seek His Kingdom. Which is to say; "to seek YWHW"! We are given the gift of Salvation but everything else has to be earned. If we take God for granted; we should expect nothing! For without a proper and Righteous Understanding; we frail rather than persevere through the trials and tribulations that inevitably must happen in our lives.

Godly Understanding is not at the flesh level but is at the Spiritual level and can be considered as with wisdom and knowledge; a dispensation like the gifts of the Spirit. It goes against manmade logic and even common sense in that when used with Heavenly Wisdom and Knowledge provides for our journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land. It is akin to the Faith that pleases God.

‚ÄčThis Understanding requires and stands on several pillars for it to be effective first in the Spirit and secondly in the flesh, and is contained in the phrase "whose report will you; not believe, but accept".  God's purpose for His Kingdom requires that He empowers us which are referred to as the Blessing. And without; man cannot be fruitful, multiply and take dominion. God does not expect us to deliver the goods without the necessary tools. He may be the ultimate landlord but without His workers, there is no harvest. Consider the following in appreciating, receiving and keeping His Understanding.

Some say; God is not fair. This would be true and factual. But this has nothing to do with it when justice is a higher call than keeping everyone happy. We often hear of old men declaring appreciation of their hard and sometimes offense fathers coming to a clear understanding of why, how and when discipline was instilled in them. This is hindsight and endorses why Godly Understanding often makes us unsure because it requires Faith, fortitude and fellowship with the Father for revelation, prophesy and providence to be fulfilled. It is not about ignorance but the assurance of trusting in God whom no one has seen much less figure out.

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