The Christian Walk


Isn’t it ironic that we go to school for a higher education for higher pay and yet the basic fundamental need to manage time, finances and personal responsibilities are not taught as a life skill, resulting in many having to carry burdens of debt, stress, and fear of loss. This is not by coincidence but by design. This is the world system that forces many to be oriented for modern slavery with labor in various forms in shifts of work. God’s system for a basic living is intertwined in how we manage the three main basic fundamentals.

The Christian Walk.
Mar. 11, 2017.

We were made to manage! It is God’s first mandate to man regarding His creation and it is the first thing satan takes away from those in Christ. To manage for the Body of Christ is to utilize the gifts, talents, and development of our body, mind, and spirit. Without managing these things, we are nothing more than tumbleweeds in the wind.

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Many churches have "sick" Christians and the reason they are subjected to death is because their souls need to prosper more. Time spent in fulfilling the soul results in a Godly perspective of everything and their use, which includes wealth. For money is not a spiritual seed and will multiply its kind only when the spirit is Righteous before God. This is why many in the church, does not receive a harvest even though they tithe or offer in the church. God is merciful and compassionate but also just. His rule is simple. Give Him His time and He will give you yours. You want God to “give you the time of day”. Then focus and remind Him of His promises, foundations, and declarations, with Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship; rather than complaining about your problems. Spend time on the solution rather than the problem. That will be time worth spending..

A Christian personal responsibility is God first; then themselves, family and lastly church. Why is the church last? Without a sustainable foundation; the church at best will be like waves with ups and down swells that directly affects its ministries. This priority order is seen with Abraham, who put God first; then his vision to be the father of the nations, with his family, like Lot secondary and the church yet to be established under the Old Covenant. Jesus reflects this also by putting God first at age twelve in the temple; then making it clear that “He must be about His Father’s business”; stating to His mother, “what have I to do with you”; and eventually establishes the New Covenant (church). Managing these in the proper priority puts the Christian in line and in obedience to God’s Word including His ten commandments. Consider that the first four commandments all refer to God, with the fifth referring to family and the remaining referring to neighbors (community or church); demonstrates how an individual ought to prioritize their obedience to God within their personal responsibilities. Remember, God does things with an order which reflects His perfection across several tenets and the sequence of the commandments is a reflection of this. When we align our body, mind, and spirit to God’s will by effectively managing all that we are given; we open Heavenly doors by this balancing act and as we mature by the Spirit in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; more is given with a greater call for the Kingdom and reflecting God’s image to others. This is seen with Joseph having to manage the famine and with Moses, managing the Exodus of God’s people. Two major events that God required a man to do. You don’t end up with this level of responsibility if you first don’t establish and practice God’s requirement of alignment of personal responsibility.

Personal responsibilities are the third priority and encompass several things at the same time. Yet, by prioritizing the first two; we can solve most if not all of the other personal responsibilities that we face daily. All personal responsibilities require management of some kind and if they are not maintained can interfere with any progress that has been made for oneself, family and God. Often, it is the lack of management for indirect responsibilities that affects our personal responsibilities.

Paul imitated Jesus as he began to establish the church in the East by managing his responsibilities. Jesus’ first recorded act for His ministry is to call and train His apostles. Paul also did this with his followers in Christ. They both established and directed their management team for the Kingdom. But without setting the proper example of personal management, would not be able to influence and lead others. It all starts with the man in the mirror to manage and order their Christian walk as required by God. The more we complicate ours lives, the more management is required, with can lead to strife, stress, and fears. This is why the Bible states that there is wisdom in many counsellors. Another way to say this is, it is by our associationsdo we establish (succeed) in our plans.

This status is also reiterated at the Cana wedding when Mary took the initiative to provide more wine because she would have some form of recognition and influence with the servants; being an honored guest at the bridegroom's table. She was not a "wedding planner" or "head servant". The bridegroom having been caught in an embarrassing position with his guests, would have questioned his servants, who would promptly explain how the best wine came about through Mary and Jesus. Jesus had a financial controller called Judas, whose focus was greed especially when he criticized the prostitute for using an expensive ointment on Jesus’ feet when it could have been sold for a great price. Jesus’ robe was highly appraised which is why the roman soldiers cast lots for it. And just like today, Jesus received cash offerings from those following Him because not only did they recognize Him for His divinity; but also was practicing their Jewish law to support prophets and teachers of God. Jesus gives examples of stewardship including financial, and how God rewards based on the Faith of these stewards, condemning the steward who did not invest. Did you notice God gave this condemned steward's money to the other who multiplied their money, stating those who have will be given more in abundance? When we manage small finances Righteously; God increases it to be managed more Righteously for the Kingdom. Who in the five-fold ministries could not utilize larger financial support for the Kingdom? Wealth and the Gospel propagation go hand in hand. Never heard of a minister of God refusing to accept too much money for their ministries. All God's people ought to be financially sound and this will not happen until we can demonstrate to be Faithful in our management of what we have currently. For with unrighteous financial irresponsibility comes the curse and the absence of God.

Time is the first priority to manage and is a spiritual seed that produces several types of harvest. The more we “seek the Kingdom” is the more the Blessing works for us. When, where and how we manage this endeavor will not only produce discipline, focus but also Revelations of the Word and for our life.  As John clearly states, “as the soul prospers, so will prosperity and health".

Without management there is chaos and unfortunately many in the Body operate with this approach because they have not taken the time to put in place systems, protocols and guidelines to manage their affairs. God is not random. So Christians ought to take control of their time, resources and attention, especially concerning the will of God. For until this is done; the efforts by Christians to make a difference in the world will be watered down, misdirected and wasteful. God is precision in action and so was Jesus’ ministry. Most churches fail at grasping the need and mandate to teach and guide their congregation into managing their lives effectively. The Body of Christ is always to be in the mode of building someone or something and this cannot be done without personal management.

Letters to the Faithful.

Finances are the second priority that we ought to manage effectively. God says, "He will bless you to be a blessing to others". How is that effectively possible, if your needs are not completely met; to be abundantly supplied to bless others with their needs; according to Paul. Abraham, Joshua, and David are obvious as to their wealth. But for many religious minded Christians; Jesus was poor. Jesus came from what many today would consider a “well off” family, being the son of a carpenter which in those days was a highly sought after skill set.

It is a requirement that we manage Righteously all God has given us, especially as it concerns His Kingdom goals. God being a conscientious being will not overburden us beyond our abilities and potential. He requires us, the Body to grow up and develop into effective managers (stewards) of His Kingdom, but first starts small and as we prove to ourselves in confidence, lead us to larger things of management, especially that of shepherding His people as with the stories of Moses, David and others in the Bible. We were made to manage!

Gen. 12:2, Ex. 9:1, Matt. 6:33, Jn. 19:24, 1 Tess. 3:2.

God’s creation functions like clockwork because He put in place management systems. A management system is another way of saying the optimum timing for an; or a series of events towards an end product or goal. There is a start, a cycle and end time for everything on the Earth and in the universe. It is what makes miracles credible because of the perfect timing of orchestrated events and people. God is in the management business and Christians are required to do the same to be good stewards and followers of Christ. The Christian sows to reap, but God knows what we will need in the future and delivers it at the appointed time. So, we don't wait for critical mass and then try to manage under duress. We ought to manage our affairs ahead of the time it will become necessary for the application. This is effective management. Sometimes, by some miracle, things come together. This is referred to as a divine intervention but is really the Blessing at work because of our God ordained management skills and calling.