The purpose, vision, and plan one may have from God is nothing without taking action and is required, so as to start the process for God to order your steps towards His will. God's gift is Salvation and is equal in its qualification and distribution, but His will is for the Body to inherit His Kingdom, which we determine by the equity of the desires of the heart, expressed by action. God said to seek His Kingdom and all will be added onto you. He expects 100% seeking for 100% addition back to you. This is His law of sowing and reaping, where your harvest is not rewarded by quantity but by the quality of sacrifice. 

The Christian Walk


Moses spends the next forty years in exile. Was he hiding and wasting away? Remember, God is laying His foundation for the Exodus. Moses's life becomes simple overnight wearing ordinary clothing, herding sheep and living a subsistence and simple life. This is opposite to his previous life of luxuries, extravagance and social status within Pharaoh’s courts. What is really happening here? God has stripped Moses of worldly distractions to prepare him for a Spiritual vocation; and also empties his mind and spirit from the noise of Egypt’s courts; to a peaceful mind and soul, so that he can now hear the still quiet voice of God. 

This is the Widow's mite Revelation. So, when we approach His purpose, vision and plan with actions that lack in enthusiasm and an unrighteous spirit; we should not be surprised by the results of our actions. Every action of Faith by the Biblical men and women rewarded them not only with status but also in most cases, physical wealth. Now, to be clear, I am not advocating the prime purpose of wealth creation is for the sake of it. But by obedience; who can deny God's way of showing His appreciation for one's Faith, which brings us the closest in receiving His Kingdom. For without Faith, it is impossible to please God. God is never about endings but constant new beginnings and so is action. For one action will lead to another required to support the first and future actions. Your body has to sleep to wake to eventually sleep, repeating the process for the benefit of your body, mind, and spirit. Righteous actions never come to an end but flourish into new ones.

Letters to the Faithful.

An action happens whether we want it to or not and that includes doing nothing. For if fears paralyzes you into not taking an action; that is an action. And for every action, there is a reaction, which is either negative or positive. The reaction resulting from our action will either motivate or demotivate our demeanor. This affects our perspective and future because it addresses the current image we have of ourselves. All our actions are a reflection of the man in the mirror. 

It is also why the Bible warns that those leading others will be held more severely accountable, as we see in the case of Moses. Our actions must always be supported by integrity, which means we never release control until our support acts and thinks just like us, or rather as God thinks.​ Every part of your body has its purpose, vision, plan and action that is meant to work together as a whole for your body, mind, and spirit to interact with the five physical senses and the Spiritual sixth sense, we can call the Holy Spirit. For often they work together to give us fulfillment or lead to another for that fulfillment. This is how the Body of Christ was meant to interact through and with the gifts and fruit of the Spirit and more.

Actions should never be beyond your reach to retrieve them because we all need to build confidence in our plans and allow for trouble shooting for corrective actions. The bigger your vision, the smaller, precise and quality actions are required to lay a foundation to support the attributes of your vision. This is not overnight but a definitive plan of action. We can see why Moses never got to the Promised Land because of not continuing the proper foundations that God started. He, Moses missed some very acute lessons from God's actions. 

God's foundation for his plans to free His people from Pharaoh starts before Moses kills the Egyptian. Think about it! Moses grew up as an adopted Egyptian seeing the Jews under oppression, with many being slain for no reason at all, other than being a slave and the property of Egyptians. In reality, Moses would have become desensitized to these killings which occurred outside his door steps constantly and also being a part of Pharaoh’s inner circle by association with Pharaoh’s daughter. So why at this time does he become enraged for the treatment of the Jewish slaves? He had no affiliation to them. God planted seeds of Righteous indignation in him over his life and when the time was appointed, orchestrates the tipping point that sends Moses into exile. God prepares his man for action with the desire for justice of the oppressed. This doesn't happen overnight but through personal experience and Godly thoughts. Did you notice that by Moses own action of standing up for the oppressed, he eventually will become the leader of God's oppressed people. Often, many in the Body have good natural inclinations that are suppressed which eventually die, because of religion, discouragement, and naysayers. We must fuel our vision with the required desire which eventually propels us into action at the appointed time.

All our actions are influenced by the world or the Spirit. We ought to ensure that our actions are influenced by the Spirit, the Word, and Godly Righteousness. During his exile, Moses learns the responsibility and value of shepherding sheep which will be needed for the great Exodus. God places the purpose and vision on his heart and despite his poor image of himself, takes action by obedience which allows God to begin to support and build Moses into the leader, he is called to be. God will take you at the place (image) you are and take you to the place (image) that you ought to be. We only need to be obedient. Positive actions will bring with it support from known and unknown sources, as long as the plan is backed by a Godly Spirit.

​The Exodus is successful, but Moses did not heed the lessons completely. Godly plans never come to an end and usually, the pattern of a Godly leader is the same for all those who surrender to God's purposes for their lives. We see this with Joseph and others, where God gives the road map to build leaders to lead His people, but most times this example is not duplicated. Moses tenacity and resolve to lead the Jews from Pharaoh’s oppression and wrath is because of His life experiences in the wilderness. There he learned not only survival skills but more the walk of Faith and Trust in the unseen force of God by Righteous obedience. These qualities, he failed to teach and transfer to Aaron, who allowed the Jews to make the golden calf. Yet, it was Moses who was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. Ironically, it was God who gave Aaron to be Moses's diplomat or representative to Pharaoh’s court, but it was Moses lack of mentorship of Aaron that was the root cause for Aaron's weakness when confronted by the unruly Jews.

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God appoints one to be an apostle, another the interpretation of prophesy and so forth; all sharing God for the action required for His will and Kingdom. This all sounds good but requires a correct attitude to overcome challenges that invariably comes to sway, distract or strengthen and build all that has been ordained for a life of Righteous action.

Ex. 2:12, Jos. 11:15, Jon. 3:3, Ps. 37:23, Lk. 22:42:42.

This is where the rubber meets the road and its where each member of the Body of Christ has to come to terms with their individual Christian walk. God does not make junk but designed us so that we could have a relationship with Him so that our frailties would be empowered by His Spirit. This relationship is to be symbiotic as all good relationships are and is why most of the Bible's theme is vision and Faith, requiring action. We cannot revel in our full potential without action which results in either failure or success and vice-a-versa. For one cannot occur without the other and with enough failure, we should expect success. This is action is motion.

The Christian Walk.
Feb. 18, 2017.

Righteous action places us in the favor of God because He is looking for individuals to show His Glory. This Glory is longing to be completely manifested here on the Earth because Heaven is filled already with it because of God's constant presence. And why Jesus' prayer taught to us speaks about, "Your Kingdom (Glory) come on Earth as in Heaven"; and also, "Creation (Earth) groans for the manifestation of the sons of God". Who are the sons of God? His Glory revealed through them. The Body should be manifesting His Glory wherever God is not present, so as to awaken the lost towards Him. Jesus may have been astute in His ministry, but not until He demonstrated God's Glory by miracles did He really draw crowds. Without quality action, nothing will really change.

Remember, God will not do for you, what you ought to do for yourself. Moses by this time became that strong leader God sees in all of us and expects the prime leader to transfer Righteous leadership qualities to others who support their purpose, vision, and plan for God. Jesus started His ministry with this, by selecting men who He developed into apostles; leaders of other followers. Moses's failure to develop his "right-hand man" is the same in many churches today, where Pastor's fail to develop the people given to them for stewardship leadership for their ministries and for God's will.