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The thing that often escapes us is that we do not have the advanced knowledge and experience to really define our purpose. And in reality, we go through ups and downs; bumps and slides trying to get a grip on our life. Most of this is used by God to guide and strengthen us to the purpose we are to live for. Purpose was designed to be developed personally. For the Christian, there is only one ultimate purpose and that is to grow up into becoming a son or daughter of the Kingdom. Everything else besides this prime goal is an addition to enhance that first purpose and when we don’t keep this order of things we lose our way and purpose that is ordained to fulfill us. Now, God never said it would be easy, neither to Adam nor to Jesus, so why should we the Faithful expect it to be different for us. Part of purpose is to purify the human condition into a Spiritual benefit, for ourselves, others and the Earth.

There is a beginning which is the foundation (Genesis), then a period of questioning (Old Testament) and finally the Truth and Revelation of purpose and life (New Testament). God’s purpose for you is always Spiritual based but expressed in physical manifestations. It encompasses all aspects of your life because true and Righteous purpose is the manifestation of God and His Glory in and through us.

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There is a purpose for His Kingdom, His creation and all the events that are leading us to Jesus’ return and His Kingdom established here on Earth. As individuals in God’s purpose, each of us has a specific purpose pre-ordained in this life and the one to come. For God is not random in anything. The sooner we understand and appreciate this, the more resided and comfortable we will be with our life. As soon as we are old enough to dream beyond our initial support of our parents, we seek to justify our personal existence, where and how to fit in a family, relationships, and society. We are identifying our purpose for living.

Ultimately, the purpose of our life is in our hands and without a purpose, we are affected by every shift in the wind of change. Purpose will stabilize our life and build our character providing perspectives that otherwise may not have been there. Purpose is a builder of foundations and has to be supported by another of God’s decree, and that is to have vision. For without vision then there will no tenacity to prevail when challenges come against our purpose. God’s first order of business is purpose and everything is ordained towards His purpose and that is, “to be a Father to them and they, my children”.  Selah!

Gen. 11:7, Deut. 30:19, Job 38:4, Prob. 19:21, 2 Cor. 6:18.

So how is purpose determined and how do we go about it? Here again, God through His Word directs us to one sole thing and that is Him. He provides the free will to choose life over death; commandments to separate us from darkness and sent His only begotten Son to personally incite us to take up our purpose and to seek God’ Kingdom. Our purpose is to learn, meditate and experience God, as our Abba and as our Sovereign. Both are inseparable and indistinguishable. Purpose requires a proper and Spiritual relationship for the body, mind, and spirit. This connects us to the Blessing not only by obedience but also mutual respect (not by equality but by equity) which is a higher Spiritual disposition which allows the purpose to be seeded, grow and manifest in and through us. We must consider God, His Word, and Holy Spirit our mentor and we His mentee so eventually we can mentor others which bring Glory back to God. Remember true purpose benefits all and is symbiotic in its foundation.

Letters to the Faithful.

The Christian Walk.
Jan. 28, 2017.

Most of us grow up with the idea and mindset that we must develop, stabilize and achieve our secular life before we can focus on God’s will. Yet, God not only encourages us but commands us to rest in Him, believing that He supplies all our needs; fulfill our desires; so long as we seek His Kingdom first. This reflects purpose’s foundation which is the symbiosis of relationships. The biggest challenge for even the most trusting Christian of the Faith to just to release all our concerns for basic living to God.

To get to know God is not as simple as reading the Bible. For the Bible is not like a novel but is life itself having Spiritual power that is released with every Revelation. It takes time for purpose to fulfill its promises and cannot be eaten like an all you can eat buffet. God is the master teacher that combines life experiences with the stories, nuances, and insights of the Word and His Spirit. Purpose is not by chaos but is a planned event. We must approach the purpose of seeking God and His Kingdom as you would eat an elephant; one portion at a time.

All of life is about purpose. You breathe air to release carbon dioxide into the air which enables trees to breathe and to provide air for you. True purpose benefits not only at least each other but everyone. Man was made to tend the Earth including the planting of trees (seeds) which in turn provide tremendous benefits (harvests) to not only him but other life as well as. As the image of God, it is the same for us as He has demonstrated.

In many ways, religion has confused us into this conflict by promoting that we must be responsible people that contribute to society and defines goodness by how well we provide for our families by financial gain. Yet, the Bible is filled with the rich (David) and wanting (Elijah), all having a purpose in God's will. This conflict contradicts God’s promise and Word that He values us more than the birds of the air and His very thoughts towards is for peace and prosperity. Did you notice peace came before prosperity and not the other way around, whereas secularism teaches you can’t have peace without first achieving financial prosperity. Now resting in God is neither laziness nor being irresponsible, and walking in God’s purpose puts Him obliged to see to it that His Word does not return to Him void. Major events of the Bible speak to one recurring theme and that is rest in God and His will. Adam was set up for that rest and will but lost it. Moses was commissioned to bring the chosen people from tyranny into the land of milk and honey for rest. Jesus sacrificed His Blood so that Salvation could be completed, so despite trials and tribulations, we can be at rest knowing we are guaranteed a place at God’s table by Grace. Purpose requires rest and not to become anxious about our daily lives so that we can focus on our purpose.

Everything in your life is towards a purpose but often is sidetracked by our personal choices and Faithlessness. Yet, God doesn’t change His purpose for our life and constantly orchestrates scenarios to guide us back to His purpose. The loss of time is an obvious consideration but God has the ability to make the loss of time work towards His plans for us. The only real determining factor for purpose is how disciplined we are for it. The more disciplined, the more we begin to see the purpose fulfilled. Our purpose should be approached with the law of sowing and reaping. The more we invest in pursuing our purpose with the right attitude, heart, and spirit; the more we can expect the fruits of our labor to be revealed; not only the confidence in our purpose but also the receiving of Spiritual enlightenment. A committed purpose will enhance not only our inner self but the outlook on others and this world. The more the purpose become alive in us and begins to define us, the more our senses work for the purpose and begins to reveal God to us, His Kingdom and provides Spiritual intuition for not only Spiritual but also physical things.