Letters to the Faithful.

The act to be discipline is at war with the flesh and that is why for many it can be a daunting exercise to maintain it. This war is the result of the fall that one man birthed and another died for. For to be Righteous in the eye of God requires discipline as the hallmark of the Christian Walk. Paul makes it clear to be a Righteous Christian before God; one ought to be discipline, "to show oneself approved onto God" and to "rightly (diligently) dividing the Word". In Proverbs, it states, "the hand of the diligent makes rich". These catch phrases are clear that without discipline; it is impossible to please God and to attain His Blessings. Whoa! Some say, "But I am a child of God and He has Blessed me with all good things". God has given His Blessing, which is all good things from Genesis, but we have not received (taken) them all by proving ourselves. We are still children in God's outlook and as a child, the Father will not give or reveal to us His higher and greater things of His Kingdom for our enjoyment, Revelation or use without the discipline to earn them. Showing oneself approved onto God is a condition that has to be met for His full Kingdom. Now, the Father wanting to show Himself to His children does Bless us with many things; because that is His very nature, being love in all its perspectives but He is also an ordered and disciplined God who has made us in His image and expects that to be the standard for His Kingdom. God is not ruled by emotions or feelings.

We just don't like that word! To constantly do tasks that make us rigid, ordered and to some extent dull. It requires commitment, a positive attitude and setting aside our very nature to be free. But without the act of discipline many if not all of our goals will not be fulfilled or not reach their full potential. You don't run the race of life without discipline if you really want to cross the finish line in elation.

The Christian Walk


The Bible is filled with stories indicating discipline or the lack of it.  A lot of modern theology has substituted this word with the word consistent. To be consistent, discipline or diligent is just another way of saying, "to mediate" or "focus" on the task at hand; to keep it in the forefront of one's mind. By doing this we are ordering the body to follow through on what we need to do to progress in our purpose, vision, action and plan. The sceptic will say, we are brainwashing our self into doing something. They would be right. But no one achieves any worthy attainment without first convincing themselves to be discipline and work towards their goals step by step. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

The first man fell because of the lack of diligence and mediation. For if He kept his mind stayed on God's decree, he would not have been distracted by Eve. Jesus succeeded by doing the opposite of what Adam did by staying focus on the vision given to Him by God and revealed by the Torah and the Holy Spirit. Jesus prayed early every morning and several times of the day, which requires enormous discipline and commitment. He did not become distracted. Distractions result in the death or delay of achieving our goals. Another way of saying this is; allowing satan to distract us; the father of death is to not fulfill God's plans for you. For satan comes to steal, kill and destroy; and roams about looking whom he can devour. He does this mainly by distracting you from God's will. If God's will is for the Blessing to produce blessings in your life, then it's satan's prime endeavor to prevent you receiving these blessings. He is a spiritual being and cannot physically harm you unless you heed his influence to over indulge yourself with things of this world; like all forms of unrighteous media, food or selfish lusts. These are the things that destroy relationships, steal God's promises and kill your body, mind, and spirit. This is why discipline is critical to reach the finish line and complete the race of Salvation.

The Christian Walk.
Mar. 4, 2017.

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To be discipline requires aids that keep your focus on the purpose. Foremost is the Bible and as God told Joshua to meditate so that he "would be prosperous and successful" and also the Psalms encourages us to do the same "for in due season we will be fruitful". It is that simple. For when we "delight in God; His Word, ways, and precepts, then He will grant the desires of our heart". God gave us His "inspired Word"; the practical road map to Him which takes us on the journey towards His ultimate Kingdom. You don't just jump into your car to travel across state lines without taking the time to map out a disciplined agenda and route to reach our destination by a certain time. How much more should we, as the Body of Christ be disciplined to attain the full Blessing as a Christian doing as much and more than Jesus did and He indicated we will.

We are Spiritually led requiring a practical approach to doing God's will. To think we can know God's will for by a Sunday service is very short sighted in understanding how God speaks to you for that will. Every significant man or woman of God in the Bible had an intimate and personal relationship with God and was led by the dream or vision God gave them. Sure, some were guided by His prophets which for the most part is an Old Testament order of things, mainly because of the fall and the Old Covenant. Jesus renewed (gave new life) and fulfilled the Old Covenant with the New Covenant where the law could not do it (because the man did not discipline themselves to it), and by His Blood accomplished all God started and intended in the garden to be man's relationship with Him. There is no more go between us and God, but a direct line by the disciplined practice of spending quality time in prayer, meditation and listening for His will.

We must learn to manage the time and resources given to us, just as Paul did when he learned to handle every situation he faced. The purpose from God has not changed which is to dominate this Earth and all its resources for His Kingdom goals. No farmer achieves his harvest without being discipline and willingly sacrifices the flesh, time and feelings. For when the harvest is produced and is received, all that was paid in price to achieve it will be not remembered, having being replaced with the joy of overcoming the world and its challenges.

Gen. 3:6, Jos. 1:8, Ps. 1:2, 2 Tim. 2:15, Mk. 1:35.