The Christian Walk.
Apr. 08, 2017.

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Today; Grace and the Blood gives us authority over unrighteous accountability but without a steady commitment it’s like a floundering fish out of water; constantly grasping for air but never stabilizing the body, mind, and spirit. As Christians; our holistic being should be completely filled, sustained and exposed to reflect God, the Kingdom, the Word and the Spirit in every aspect of the Faith.

Without declarations; there is no accountability to commitment and when we fail at our commitments; then we inflict self-doubt into the image God planned and desires for us. The more we “pour” this self-infliction into our image; is the more we recede into that dark place that becomes the ground for satan’s quest to destroy who we are in Christ. This is then manifested in our demeanor with glazed, unfocused looks, middle of the ground standing of good to evil and compromise for peace and security. Without a Righteous accountability, we rapidly become those that God distastes into “lukewarmness” and contravenes the Word demand to “choose life or death”. For God cannot abide with anyone who does not have enough commitment and accountability to their free will choice of Him or satan. These individuals become of no use for the Kingdom; for God cannot work with an indecisive person, who will often use political correctness to sustain their indecisions. Peter says to Jesus, “we have left everything for you” to which Jesus replies, “everyone who forsakes all for Him will be compensated a hundredfold and inherit eternal life; where the first will be last and the last first”. Jesus is saying to be accountable to win, there must be no distractions and the race is for the steady, tenacious and not for the swift; especially when there is no solid foundation. True accountability requires uncompromised steps towards the vision. We must have the “Jesus accountability” factor.

The Christian Walk


This is why taking procession of a God-given vision is critical. Just as a single seed planted in soil; only over time will we see the why's and how's the potential of that seed. Usually, the multiplication and fruitfulness of that single seed is determined by the soil of trials and tribulations producing fruit that is full, of sweet aroma and steadfast. Sometimes; this quality is seen in latter harvests as these good characteristics are transplanted into the DNA of progressive seeds. This is why Righteous accountability is the seedbed of future generations of God-fearing Christians. As a farmer; we plant seeds of examples for our children and their children. And why a Pastor will have more accountability because by his example does the church follow into unrighteousness or Righteousness. David was ‘a man after God’s heart” until he committed adultery, murder and coveted another’s joy. This good turned bad seed, eventually produced after its own kind especially in Solomon, that despite having Godly wisdom ultimately succumbed to the same sin as David; the lust of the flesh.

The Christian ultimate accountability is to Jesus and as we train up, renew the mind and mature with the Word; this reflection of Christ will not only be in an occasional spark of Righteousness but a complete Spiritual Revelation of God’s Glory that all will see; want to hear and touch just as the people and followers of Jesus, the Christ wanted to in the New Testament, to the point even demons must flee at Christ’s presence inside you.

Jos. 1:8, Ps. 1:2, Mk. 3:24, 1 Cor. 3:6, Rm. 1:21.

The old adage; success is not a destination but a journey provides clarity on any endeavor that demands Faith, Patience and most of all the Grace of God. Paul’s complaint about his “hindrance” is only met with God’s Grace for the very reasons of accountability. The accountability first to God; his personal maturity in the Word and his servant heart to the “Great Commission” of Jesus. Without acknowledgment of our own shortcomings; we can never rely solely on God; His Grace and Word to meet the challenges of the Gospel and our daily lives. Personal accountability lays the foundation of being accountable to others and without it; one will become nothing but a shadow of Christ. Your word becomes the seed for accountability and the bond of integrity.

Who will know if you fail or succeed with a Godly vision and purpose? Many will say God will know and where this is an obvious answer to this; this real person who will know if you have been accountable to your goals; is you. We are our hardest and self-inflicting critic in all that we do. Now, some may say; nothing bothers them especially when they fail or don’t meet an expectation; but the reality is, your body, mind, and spirit knows. The body of a person reflects the mind, and the character reflects the spirit. Everything that has been recorded by our being is stored as what I refer to as “memory force”. This is the random reflex that a person manifest to others in our actions, responses and thoughts based on our internal credibility, knowledge, and self-image.

Letters to the Faithful.

Jesus’ accountability to God did not start at the beginning of His ministry but at age twelve when led by the Holy Spirit proclaimed His purpose in the synagogue. Although not recorded, we must assume this accountability continued through His adulthood as He built upon His foundation to be ready for His ministry at the appointed time. When we make a commitment to our goals and for others, then God will align events to shape, direct and strengthen our call for His Kingdom business. At the appointed time, God will infuse His Anointing to fuel the purpose for our lives.

We are nothing more than an empty glass either half full or half empty and what overflows is what determines the glass to be of positive or negative content. As Paul says, “we are the temple of God” and Jesus states, “Every house divided against itself, will not stand”. Therefore what we see of ourselves in the mirror is a reflection of how we really acknowledge what is inside of us. If you see yourself as an unworthy Christian; then, in reality, it’s an indication of how faithless one is. If you see yourself as a proud Christian; then, in reality, it’s an indication of the condition of the heart. Now, ultimately; by our words are we condemned or justified. This is why accountability to the Faith walk is critical to being Christ-like in this world. Our image is built by what we see and hear especially from ourselves or what we receive as perceptions from others.