Every spirit of the intelligent and cognitive thinking kind requires a form to operate in both the Spiritual and physical worlds. Angels need it to operate in and from the unseen realm of the Heavens into the seen realm of the world just as a man transcends his physical body from the world into the Heavens with his spirit by the Blood of Jesus but remains in the flesh to live daily. The only Spirit that does not operate in this manner is the Holy Spirit because being of God’s person has no limitations of Spiritual and physical boundaries. The demon is the dispossessed spirit of the illegal mutated man and needs flesh to live in this world.

What is more reasonable is that demons do not operate alone but are often aided by hidden fallen angels who can interact with physical objects of the world. And just like a puppet master pulls the strings of their puppets and hidden assistants move around props to create a story or scene. The reality of a demon-possessed person having super strength is in the Bible but also in the stories of ordinary people becoming heroes when faced with impossible odds using super strength in a short burst and then returning to their average strength after the adrenaline has subsided.  

There are demons all around us even in the church. They can be seen especially once one is walking deeply by the Spirit. Some Christians are able to discern them while others remain completely oblivious to them. With the Word, Spirit, Faith and the Blood; one can exorcise demons from others as well as themselves once there is recognition of a strong hold and perpetual sinful nature. This takes a strong, determined, and resolved will! It is important as Christians we do not take for granted each other's actions. words, and thoughts without comparing and measuring them against the Bible, the Word, and Jesus' acts, and seeking to abide in His Kingdom daily protecting our spirits, minds, and bodies from any invading demon looking for a place to call home. 

Gen. 6:4, Let. 19:31, Matt. 12:43, Mk. 3:11, Lk. 8:2, Acts 16:16.


Not every sin is from an evil spirit. Before repentance man did not know his evil acts were sin. There was no distinction because no line was drawn. And even though the revelation of sin, repentance, and Salvation came, the man could still sin because of his freewill to act by his flesh rather than his spirit. The more one acts by the flesh and carnality is the more doorways open to be possessed. As Christians, we are to operate from the Spirit rather than from the flesh just as Jesus did. So when someone does evil before or to us it could be from freewill, demonic possession, or fallen angels. To know the difference requires a deep and wide dive into abiding in Jesus and the word. 

The demon is not a creation of God but of flesh and manifests itself in possessed people who are transformed into debasements of all manner of unpleasantness, twistedness, and, cringe-worthy characteristics. Many norms today are demonic possessions hiding in plain sight such as individuals with multiple personality disorder or someone who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Those who indulge in seances, suicides, or fortune-telling are demonically possessed, as well as witches and people with uncontrolled appetites categorized by the seven deadly sins. 

Most of these disorders which mean confusion are uncontrolled and erratic behavior because the demonic spirit is like a parasite taking over the host’s mind, and body but not the victim's spirit. This is why often possessed people have clear logical cognitive minds as their spirit tries to overcome the demon’s spirit to relieve their minds and bodies in a constant tug of war. The use of pharmaceuticals does not lead to freedom and permanent solutions but harms more than helps the individuals because it numbs the will of these victims leaving them subjected more to the demon's influence. How often when some possessed individuals commit a crime their "M.O (mode of operating)" usually includes voices in their head.


Chronologically; it was a fallen angel who tricked Eve and Adam. And it was Cain’s corrupted spirit that killed his brother Abel. And it was the mutated spirits of flesh that God destroyed with the Great Flood. The flesh now dead and corrupted released all these demonic Nephilim spirits into the world to roam the Earth to see who they can possess so that they can interact with the world. They can do this because their mutated makeup allows them to connect to the flesh of man. Angels are forbidden and prevented to possess man’s flesh because their makeup does not allow it. This is why satan appeared in the possessed body of a snake rather than the form of a man. And to be clear, Angels can take the form of a man but this does not mean they have the make-up of a man. It is just a facade.    

The reason demons need to possess flesh is to be in defiance of God. As a roaming spirit, they have no ability. Because they came from fallen angels who rebelled against God and that spirit of rebellion remains and continues in the demons. But unlike satan who remains in the shadows to kill, steal and destroy because the Angel kind is increated to operate so. The demon operates in full sight both on the physical and spiritual levels. The demons pose more of a threat than fallen angels do because they not only influence flesh but have full control over it. Ultimately, it does not manner where the influence is coming from but that it is evil with the purpose of only chaos, intimidation, and fear to prevent Salvation from all those who are possessed. 

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Jul. 05, 2021.

The Practical Christian Series.

What are they? And why are so many Christians afraid of them? Simply put, demons are unclean spirits as opposed to fallen angels and are a different class of death not life force in the world. These demons do not exist in the Heavenly realm and were never a part of God’s Throne nor of Lucifer’s rebellion.

Letters to the Faithful.


It is not so much what but who they are. To put it in perspective and context everything God has created for His image has been given a spirit of that reflection. So all His Angels; those with Him and those in rebellion have His spirit in them. And just as a man; they have been given freewill to obey or be in disobedience to His will. The demon does not have freewill in that context. Freewill indicates a choice and the higher role and responsibility one has been assigned; the less individual choice is available because there is more sacrifice and stewardship that is required for God’s Throne and Kingdom. 

The demon’s will is only to possess! Not thwarting God’s plans and purposes for His people but to occupy flesh. They do not plan, orchestrate, or scheme as satan does but only hunger for the flesh to have a reality. Because for them, without flesh there is endless wandering across the Earth. They are evil and have no chance of redemption and usually remain hidden with occasional outward exercise to create havoc and chaos. They were once flesh; having been born of a woman seeded by a rebellious and fallen angel. These are the Nephilms; meaning the mutated offsprings of two kinds of creation and referred to as giants in the Bible. God has forbidden this illegal mixing of different unique kinds of life. But allows the same kind to mix, resulting in new species coming from the same origin. In animals, they are thousands of examples with unique traits but the same core make-up. This law of not crossbreeding, if you will apply to the Angels and the man kind species.

The man or woman of the church who is possessed by a demon is an enslaved Christian regardless if they have been water baptized or even speak in tongues and are Pentecostals or for that matter any other manmade religion. This is because they never affirmed their repentance with the Blood of Jesus starting with the spirit, then the mind, and finally the flesh. It is in the spirit where the true conversion and restoration takes place and where Faith stands and overrides any evil spiritual influence. The flesh is important to God but the spirit is everything to Him and that is why Jesus urges without abiding in spirit with Him there can be no fruit acceptable to God. This is why the Spirit of discernment is critical to determine the type of spirits we interact with. Whether the spirit of the man’s free will, the spirit of demons, or those of fallen angels. 

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The Study Series


Only the Blood of Jesus, the authority of the Word, and the Christian's Faith can overturn and dispel demonic possessions from the innocent, frail, and unprotected minds of their victims. There is no need for special oil, incantations, or environments. What is needed is the Spirit of God because demons are spiritual and do not respond and fear the flesh and the carnal mind of men. Often, the movies demonstrate that a demon can move, throw objects without physically touching them. or levitate the host's body or scale walls and ceilings. This is not Biblical.