Therefore, forgetting all that was hidden for shame but with every boldness that is in Christ demonstrate Christ, for we are in Him as the Body and He in us as the church. Be not unsure in the Word but in all of it be counted a Truth messenger of it. For the Word is life and that life only comes through Christ, who we are to behold in all things. Have you the saved not been freed of the shackles of ignorance? Then why do you return to it as one who goes back to its vomit? Everything that binds with chains is to be broken with the Blood of Christ. So stop mending what has been broken and only build upon His works and Spirit of the Kingdom.

Let us not sweat in labor but be at rest in the constant edification of the Body; waiting on the Lord. For only in His charge is their Victory. Be then sowers of the Spirit. Of its fruits and gifts and let He who is named above all, do His work by the Spirit; the Salvation that we all have received to be poured out and administered by the Body’s harvesters of God’s fields. For does not the seed produce its own harvest. And does not every field have a time of harvest? And if you force the growth of a seed, can we then say the harvest was fulfilled to its maximum yield? For does not a single seed make for more seed but only in its time and not by the time of man. And as we all have been commanded to pray to send more labors into the harvest. Then is it not because more sowers of seed and this multiplication of seed that is in the same field that now requires more harvesters? For does not the same field produce some thirty, sixty and one hundred fold because of the quality of seed? We can only sow Righteous seeds for the final harvest in this time only when we behold Christ; the first true seed of the Kingdom.


Letters to the Faithful.

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Letter to the Faithful.
Jun 5, 2017.

It is not by our might but by His that we behold Him for as a man we use intelligence but as a child of God do we see His hand that surpasses all our efforts. Only when we behold the Christ in you. Christ is now and forever to be forefront in all that we do. No more are we enslaved to the mind of this world or of our flesh but by His right hand before the Father have we overcome all that seek to restrain us in this world for His Glory. Christ’s Blood is not for the saved but for those lost to the flesh. It is we who are saved are the propitiator of Christ's Blood.

Come together and behold Him. Let not your past keep you from the light that is upon His face. For in Him is life today and forever. How is it so many walk as in a stupor not knowing the time we live in and that now is appointed to behold Him in all that is to be done? For in Him is Spiritual wonders beyond all that we can think and do. Let us behold Him then; Jesus, our Christ, in Faith everlasting.

Letters to the Faithful