In this world, do we think we have no choice but to be of two minds? One switched on and the other off depending where; with who and what we are involved in? No! We have one single mind of Christ! For how can He be revealed or trusted to be revealed through us if we travail His Glory made through us. We, the Body must have the allegiance made possible by the Spirit of God. For we ought to abide in Him; in and out of season, whether with rain or in the sweat of the sun.

Christ is made for pledging. For He embodies all that the Spirit of God is. No longer alien but of a brotherhood that Blood makes unbreakable. For as the Body; we are to be whole and complete, for when we bleed, so does Christ. So let us not cause Christ to be ashamed by the old man but with the new man shine forth in Glorious light, shedding this wherever we are with the badge of Christ firmly and secure in its display. Admonish those who walk about like a torn and tattered blanket dragging about with its frayed ends and broken weaves weighted by the world and keeping them of two minds pledging with lips that neither satisfy nor builds upon the good foundation Christ laid for us. We must cut off and cast away the decayed flesh of death and embrace wholeheartedly with vigor the whole message of God’s Glorious Salvation. For neither God nor Christ kept to the past but is forever in the advances of eternal light. Be counted by your allegiance to Him and let not the poor mind trap you into self-imposed chains of dogma.

Have not those of old who being found in Righteous obedience received the Heavenly reward for their allegiance to God first and now to Christ; both of whom is the Kingdom contained in and is being revealed to us on the journey of this age. Whose color do you wear no matter the household you are in? For if by trust, God earns our Faith, then by our Faithful actions in His decrees do we earn His trust. Then, we will see the Glory that perfect allegiance brings. For God is clothed in Faith to His Word and Spirit. Let us, therefore, make it convicted of our words and actions; the immutable will and decree of God that even through by one man, death reigned, so much so, by this same number will life reign in all who pledge allegiance to the Blood of Christ, standing for the Righteous Truth and the everlasting Kingdom of God in triumphant Victory! I pledge my allegiance!


Pledge your allegiance to Christ and be better for it. Wherefore do you have the mind of Christ? Is it only for good times or also for bad times? That all the actions taken are made with Christ in mind. For He is the very deep roots to our leaves that bring comfort to all who seek shelter from the blazing sun. Then brethren; with all muster and a clear heart, pledge allegiance to Christ!

Letters to the Faithful


Letters to the Faithful.

Letter to the Faithful.
Feb. 27, 2017.

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