We share each other’s pain and we share each other’s joy. Not only for friendship but mainly for fellowship. We are made strong Spiritually by the fellowship of experiences and time is never lost when spent with each other with the right heart. For as it is said, the enemy comes one way but must flee seven different ways. Is this not a metaphor for surrounding the enemy with confusion by the bonds of fellowship, as God did so many times with Israel’s enemies and we, as brothers and sisters of the body, display Christ and His Blood in all its Power and Glory.

How good is it when we are brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a just cause to work towards and celebrate. Often, we battle alone and face the darkness without the support of the body, thinking it is our personal battle against evil. The body can only be made stronger when it pulls together. So, we must find cause to celebrate, for, without a strong fellowship, there can no strength in numbers.

Letters to the Faithful


The enemy becomes overwhelmed with the body’s unity and fellowship, just as chainmail armor is made up small links held together with equal embracement and strength, so is our body in Christ. The darkness despite its sharp points of accusations cannot pierce the steadfastness, singularity and the bonds of fellowship that we all ought to embrace, to be the force of one, the force of Christ in this world.

There is fellowship of the Word but without the fellowship of the body, the Word is as a ship docked in harbor having no ability to make waves against all resistance to it. The Word becomes more effective when the body being in unity all work for its purpose; the manifestation of Christ in the world. The body’s fellowship transcends all physical barriers and with the Spiritual weapons made available to us then who and what can be against us. For fellowship to be true, complete and Righteous; the body must seek outside of the church so that the bonds that make for fellowship can work and be built up, being under forging by the world standards and ignorance. Can soldiers win without practice and facing the enemy? For if there is no enemy, why is there soldiers? We are the soldiers of Christ and we march to God’s song which is Victory over the world for as Jesus said, He has overcome the world, so have we by the very same Spirit, Principalities, and Powers. We are not only sharers in Christ’s Glory but also His dispenser of it.

So make plans for Righteous fellowship of the body to be built to deep depths that make solid and immovable foundations of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge; all for the perpetual propagation of the Word, Spirit, and Glory. Be not deceived by those who demonstrate fellowship but neither know or walk the Word and the Faith of it. Seek only to sharpen each other with tested iron, for only by shoulder to shoulder do we make the enemy defeated having Spiritual conviction on display with eyes wide awake and even in rest. Celebrate fellowship with one another in Christ Jesus.


Letter to the Faithful.
Feb. 6, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful.

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