Letters to the Faithful.

As the called, we are given the great commission to prepare, usher in and establish God’s Kingdom but never at the expense of tainting our body, mind, and spirit. Yet, many of the body believe and accept that fence jumping is a just means to bring those blinded into the fold of the Good Shepherd. Don’t we know by now and His Spirit; what has light to do with darkness and that the world is seeking to accuse the body of compromise for secular gains. We are the called! And with nobility, integrity and Grace do we represent the perfect one; we ourselves working towards the same perfection. Then how can we profess Christ and touch the things that are onto death and the grave, thinking we do Christ’s work. The call is not to be taken for granted but with all strength do we rid our persons of the dark ways and its propagations. Stand and be the body of Christ! No longer friends, but brothers and sisters in Christ by His Blood. A new Blood of Kingdomhood framed by God’s decree to be a light to the world; set apart for His Spirit to move with no restraint taking hold of His Grace as the called.

So be the called for the world, taking the good of the land and rejecting the bad. Be mature of the heritage given to us by our Lord; Jesus Christ. Walk with honor His life, death, and resurrection; for this is our light load and reasonable sacrifice. Mighty He is and so must we with every step, working towards the perfection of the Faith for the revealing of Christ and God’s power to declare once and for all, we are the called; made to be His Righteousness to a dying world.


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Letter to the Faithful.
Jan. 23, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful


Be solidarity minded for we are the called. No other set of peoples has been given this distinction for such a just cause of Righteousness. Your presence means Christ revealed wherever you go especially the places outside of the church. For you are the church and Christ is taken with you by the indwelling of the Spirit of Righteousness. As the called, we must not be offended by those lost to this world even though offense is given to the Faith of our calling. The offense is directed at Christ and if we take the offense then are we partakers in His persecution and if willing, then are we receivers of His Glory.

Where are the signs of this calling as in the ancient days for solidarity and the symbol of our Faith walk? No longer a mark but in person is our sign of Christ. A better and more higher reflection of the call. For we are the Righteousness of the cross, no longer stained with the blood of a carnal man filled with the Spirit, but Glorified with the Blood of the eternal and divine Spirit of Salvation. The cross is made free by this Blood and so have been our chains of bondage, for that old rugged cross is now Glorified and Triumphant over flesh and made Victorious over every darkness of evil including the grave. For Christ proclaimed and made a show of satan’s lost for all to know the light is forever above the facades of darkness.