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Letters to the Faithful.

Letter to the Faithful.
Jan. 16, 2017.

Do not be dismayed when by all efforts you see not your desires for God has His plan for every life and we are not privy to it for hidden has it been made for the elect sake, but in all confidence we trust and accept the results. For God only sees the heart and we see the actions of the flesh. With God’s love comes discernment of the issues of life and all that works to the perfection of the body. Therefore in all give thanks to Him, who promises Godly Salvation made available for all and with respect, accepts the free will of all men. For only by the loss of some to darkness is the Salvation of many made to be a beckon for the undecided. For you cannot force Salvation on anyone even with the love of God. But by the love of God do we partake in the workings that bring Salvation to those who are searching even though by worldly means, but with the right season, as a precious jewel is Salvation made to be the greatest treasure found.

Salvation works by the Godly love. Does God not love all; even those who by choice has chosen darkness over Him. Yet, He interferes not their rejection of the His Word; Jesus. In love, are we imitators of His love knowing many will be lost by the wisdom of the Spirit. But as with all effort do we play our part, till the final act has been cast and keep the Faith for the desire of Salvation of the many blinded by the prince of this world. For until fear is put down, does Salvation in love becomes a light to those lost in the darkness. Exercise the Spirit and be in love as Christ is, knowing only by this is the Father working in you for Salvation to be given as a gift to free those in fear of this world. Be in love as Christ showed to be.


Letters to the Faithful


How will you fight to win but in love? Know not that man has been blinded by this world’s principalities and out of fear are many acting in defence. For the world has taught them to fear for the lack of the things that occupies the thoughts of men and the world. Many of the Faith believe these days are more complicated to those of our Lord Jesus and therefore by and in love has been binded. This is a lie of religion and of those who having not shut the doors of compromise and empathy.

For God and His ways are eternal and Jesus is first and last. Every principle laid in foundation is unbreakable by the Spirit of God and has no opposition to its effectiveness. Love conquers all, especially against the flesh when done by the Righteous Spirit. How will you love but only by the leading of the Holy Spirit and the standard of God's Kingdom. Be not fooled by the flesh way but in all acts; do with the Spirit and the power of the Kingdom.