Many think inwardly not realizing this only leads to the flesh taking hold. And yet, being of the body, ought to know our God knows it all. That no matter how the physical seems, only the Spiritual matters. So many are swayed by those who give false promises and by fear many condone there rhetoric. How can one know the scenes behind the facades except for the Spirit’s Revelations of it? Our only knowledge comes from the seasons that have been recorded to us and we have been given it in blood, so why do many of the Faith reject it and give their faith to the human form. Are we to be led by the eyes of our mind or by that of the Spirit? Surely, the latter matters more.

Letter to the Faithful.
Nov. 7, 2016.

Letters to the Faithful


Be in the know! As we prepare for the real battle that comes regardless of our view we must be in the know of the Victory already won. For are we not the appointed ones in this day to be the carrier and completer of all that is the Truth and Righteousness of His Glory. Be in the know and not be led by personal biases, for when we seek our own way, we ultimately will lose the way to the promises that have been made.

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Letters to the Faithful.

Every army including the Godly, must stand on top of the hill and survey so that it is unobstructed and be not deceived from a lowly position. See what God sees and make ready your direction for what He ordains, what is Righteous before His sight. Can you be blamed for choosing His will and will you not be accountable for choosing what are abominations before Him. For we are in the know of His ordinances as the King who we love not with only words but with spirit and rightful actions. Know Him and you will know what to do. Be clear as He is clear, less every misinterpretation becomes a downfall. Stand for the army of God not only in rank but more so in purpose, for even though the war is a personal one; it works together for the body to be in unison with our Lord’s sacrifice and upon His return, He will only see His Faithful ones, not deterred by superficial staging but who knowing and abiding in Him is a mirror of Him.

Stand up for Jesus as He did when He walked this plain, knowing the thoughts of the lost and being not fearful did all that was right in God’s eyes. Yours is only to do all that your body, mind, and spirit is commanded to do by the Spirit, to counsel us. Therefore forsake not deep prayer and be at rest as He already knows what man will do. The rest is by the very hand of God. Our God makes His will done and searches for the men and women who will take His stand. This is the body onto Righteousness. Let yourself be not fooled by the loyalty of colors that fly, but be in the know of God’s will in Heaven to done here of Earth.