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Satan is like a lion looking to devour someone. Be aware! As Christians of the army of the Gospel, we have our colors that cannot be hidden from the enemies of Christ. For unlike those who through insidiousness, facades, and dark means; we are exposed because of the light that shines in us. We cannot be hidden! Who after lighting his candle then covers it so as to remain in darkness. No! We must shine! Our Lord exposed Himself daily to the arrows of envy, greed, manipulations, deceptions and death of the Glory and withstood all; because He was aware of His calling and surroundings; His ministry and the purpose for His life.

Letters to the Faithful.

Letter to the Faithful.
Oct. 24, 2016.


We, who having taken the blood of Christ are now called as He was called to be the light to the world, not of the world, for even darkness has its own light, be that it leads to death. Be not fooled but be aware of the things that so easily beset the flesh under the armor of God. For does not an armor have its exposures that are required for flexibility and movement. So is our daily life as we move through this world; but never at the tearing down of Righteousness and the Standard of Christ’s walk. For with flesh comes death and separation from the Glory which is your birthright onto the Heavens Above. But with the Spirit, are we made whole as fully dressed for a parade. This for a show to those outside looking on. We march with unity and display in full regality Christ wherever we go. Standing for Truth and Righteousness with compassion; and not by weakness for those outside our parade. We display the armor of God in its Glory that outshines any of the enemy's distractions, deceptions, and the fog that purvey this world. Let us not be dull in our Faith, but with great gratification and inner joy wave and wave vigorously God’s Love, Christ’s Sacrifice and the Holy Spirit’s counsel, not being bias only to the brethren of the household of Righteousness. For is not an army prepared for battle, and used for the sovereignty of a Kingdom? Stand tall then; for the strength and power of Christ is yours to wield.

Be aware of the enemy's movements both to hinder the already blinded and those within the ranks of your brothers and sisters in Christ. For we all need each other to bear one another's burdens as the Word directs us to do. Taking the principle of God Himself that as a man sows, so does he reap. For we cannot break rank nor compromise our Lord’s will to establish His rule for principalities and powers that make His Kingdom known, and with all Spirit discern the nature of the actions of those around us. For not all are fully persuaded of the message of Salvation or the promises of God. Be firm but not violent in love using only the all-encompassing foundation that supports the Faith that frames all in this world and that of above. Men are men, ordered by their own eyes and ears and that of spiritual influence; some with purpose, others swayed by whatever wind blows. They are all in need of Salvation. But be aware of the time, for Truth will not wait for no one for it travels in one direction and provides a place for those who seek it. Do not delay or restrain your journey for those having known the Truth, does not fully embrace it. Yours is not to convict but to share and demonstrate the walk of Christ with respect to each one's decision for life or death. But only with the Spirit do we plant the Word for life to the many ignorant of their destination. Let us be aware the field we are to tend to under all that is of God.


Letters to the Faithful