Letters to the Faithful.

What is the world’s love but to tear down God’s standards. We see this today, as in the ancient days to destroy what God has made in His image, for His standards. For all the world’s love that has been shown, the ground for Glory is lost as the lines of battle is redrawn with every retreat because we fail to imitate Christ’s works. Some say, Christ’s message is love and without love, we can’t be in His fellowship. Are we so bias that we only take a piece of Christ and not see Him whole in every action, word and to every authority. For principles neither powers control the Spirit of God, and is not God the Heavens head, and Christ, His earthly body. And so what are we if not Christ’s hands and feet for His body, to do as He wills.

Letter to the Faithful.
Oct. 3, 2016.

Every day we see and hear things that are not of God. Many determine to be informed whether it is from any available media or incline their ears and eyes towards the source. When in the world, we forget to be dressed for the world. There is not a time that is not available to us to walk in the spirit and so be aware of the trappings of satan. We make our walk weaken by the indulgences of the world. We are at war not only with the world but especially within ourselves to be not conformed to the ways of the world. Some say, with love we can do all. Love without the rightful Spirit of God is of little effect for in one step we give the world’s love but compromise God’s love to lose all who are lost.


With God, there is order and with the world, chaos. As Paul admonishes us, if we say that we do God’s work to satisfy the law and meet the world’s needs; then God is correct, “every man is a liar”; for by our standards do we make God less than equal and we forsake His higher thoughts that make Him Righteous, and we unrighteous. For what is love if not applied by His measure and His decrees. Do we not love the lost while at the same time share God’s perspectives? How can one be without the other? Can bread be delivered without hands and feet? And did Christ have only one message? Is the cross to stand without Christ’s blood? Which is first, man or God? For we can’t love the people of the world if first, we do not love God, as Christ did and does.

Surely, the Word is made clear in Christ’s uncompromised messages and with sacrifice, did He not expose his very person to death each and every day, knowing He willing pleased the Father first, before those blinded by their own devices. Was the threat of death due to a message of love only? And is the body not whole with all its parts, then how can the message of Christ not be required to be whole, rather than divided and cast for lots, as the world wants.

We must first be clothed with the Spirit of God, before venturing into uncertain territory and just because we have become familiar with the terrain, do we now as a man blindfolded be led astray by the deceptions of satan, trusting in his entanglements and snared by those of his agencies. Let us not make Christ’s blood dry and lifeless, stale and broken, of no use and changed into powder for the occasional sprinkling. No, indeed, we must pour out His waters for Sanctification and Holiness. For the blood gave life, to be life to the dead and those walking in a stupor with no direction but that of political correctness, redefining what God has made eternal and standards to His Throne. For God is Truth and every man a liar!


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Letters to the Faithful