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Letters to the Faithful


The enemy is in frantic mode because the time is slipping through his fingers and he knows at the end of this age; he will have to face to the very one who made a mockery of him. The more he puts pressure on the Faithful; is the more the Faithful have to enforce the Blood over all that is given under their authority. For we are the generation to usher in Christ’s return. Whenever the cause arises, is the time to be Righteous and be effective in stating the Faith and its Spirit. Not by man’s standards but by God’s. For He only is the image of true Righteousness and so should our reflection of Him be true. So many keep their voices contained because of fear whenever faced with the world’s loss, of keeping safe and secure in whatever capacity. They do not Ante-up!

Ante-up! In these days when things seem and probably is moving faster in terms of the days; we need to stay focus on what really matters. God has made these days faster for the elect and those who are under severe persecution for the Faith. We in the west may think how much time is lost because so many of the worldly things are slipping past and by coercion is there pressure to give attendance to it. But now, this is the time to Ante-up our Faith!

Letters to the Faithful.

With each compromise comes another until one does not recognize the very flag of Glory we are called to. For one cannot win if one keep withdrawing from the battlefield of the world. For this is where we have been placed to be in the position for the very need of Christ’s plans. For every general knows, to topple an enemy; it’s best to infiltrate their ranks and work from within. In our case, to spread the Blood of Christ. So Ante-up whenever the time presents itself.

Strengthen your measure of Faith with all that has been placed within your reach. Give no quarter to those who desert the Faith of Christ and be not as Paul states, “conformed to the flesh and the world”; but with all things give thanks and praise. For is these days, many will turn from Christ’s face, revealing their own flesh. So do not chase after them, for it is easier to build where no foundation has been laid rather than build on top of a foundation that has become corrupted and eroded. To Ante-up we must be focus on the very essence of God. For as He moves; He seeks those who will move with Him, having the same Spirit as Christ had here on Earth. The tools given to us are not carnal but through the Holy Spirit and of the mind and our spirit. We must learn to bring to bear our weapons of warfare wherever needed and required. For did not Christ hold His tongue just because of the people’s ignorance and simplicity. No, He by the Spirit did all by action for God’s Righteousness to be revealed, accepting nothing less than the full payment for His sovereignty and Glory. For God is no politician seeking a photo-op and vain glory. Sustain in the Lord and His Righteousness and state the claim that has been given to you through Christ and Ante-up!


Letter to the Faithful.
Dec. 12, 2016.