Letters to the Faithful.

Letters to the Faithful


Gather together, make sure everything is in its place. Your armor is to be double checked, polished having nothing of distraction. Ready! Set! Go! Having precision is the key to defeating the enemies of Christ. There is no doubt, the body of Christ is to be a well-disciplined, ordered and have the precision to be the crushing, stomping, demonic slayer of God's authority. We are not to allow any quarter to those of darkness. We can only do that by understanding the precision of our Words and Actions. Every army must practice, knowing the weapons of their warfare. How can the body function together and independently if one does not engage? Did our Lord, tell us or did He show us. The weapons that have been restored will lose their effectiveness if left to gather dust and cobwebs that entangle them into uselessness. Be precise!

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Letter to the Faithful.
Nov. 27, 2016.

There is not a day that darkness moves to blind using the flesh to their advantage, filling the time with distractions and things of the past; making life more complicated and filled with noises of unimportant things. The enemy’s movements are obvious to the Righteous eye but to those looking to satisfy the flesh, will be constantly kept on the merry-go-round of just living to get by. Christians are not to just make a living, but to make a life in and through Christ. A life filled and overflowing with God’s will to keep and fulfill His thoughts towards us, for peace and prosperity, having no disasters but only the Blessing. God is doing His part for His Word does not return to Him void, but seek to accomplish its purpose. The army of God is made up of individuals called for the purpose, solidarity, and force. At its strongest link is they who take their charge as ordained by God. To be His weapon for the purpose of Salvation. We can only do this with the precision of the Word.

As a builder, we seek how to stack the ladens until our Faith begins to take shape into the image of a citadel against the darkness and before you know it, the wall crumbles because of impatience and ignorance, not waiting for the mortar to become solid to hold all against the changing weather. The true freedom of Christ cannot be built with the carnal mind but only by the Spirit that neither need of bread or water but by vision is the tower of strength established and settled on a high brow over all that is below. Do we not know by steps, carnality became our doctrine and so by the same are we made into His image. We must go up into that high place to defeat that enemy of one.

Christ's works will not be in vain even though so many cling to things that is to become dust and His cause is worthy of all who long for true freedom. Freedom from the flesh that makes false promises of peace and prosperity. Let us then rise up in all things beyond the flesh and walk in the Spirit of life onto the Heavenly treasure reserved for those called into the realm of freedom. For all have been won by the Blood and by this our  enemy is found out  having come face to face  with the Grace of Righteousness. Stop clinging to the dogmas of the old and embrace what gives life and builds up; the Word and Spirit of Christ. And with every step push back into the deep that old enemy.

That enemy of one must not be taken for granted but under great effort is the flesh contained until it conforms to the Spirit of life. As Paul says, even though the Spirit is available, the flesh can be convicting and as a man seeing himself in the mirror turns away only to look back and recognizing that old man, claim him thereby rejecting the renewed image given to us by our Father through the perfect one of the Word. Stand firm against the flesh but with every direction open and close doors as led by the Spirit of Righteousness until that enemy is no longer but a shadow of past things. Make your Blood freedom count! When that enemy is subdued, then are you now bold in Christ and walk as you are called to, having no need for the dead things but with all determination the things of life, ready to take hold of all Power and Principles given by the Blood for spreading the hope of Salvation to all who have, but the enemy of one.