Letters to the Faithful.

Let us pray! For by subversion, the enemy makes his move. We are in a battle and those who don’t recognize this will be fooled by the simple ways of their thinking. Every part of the body of Christ is used for God’s Glory in the day of His will. His will has never stopped from the garden and we should not lull ourselves into thinking; peace and safety for all in this age. The battle continues and the war is near its end.

Letters to the Faithful


Letter to the Faithful.
Nov. 14, 2016.

The enemy will not be satisfied regardless of how much is done in the name of peace and goodwill for all men. For the world is not able to have balance, fairness, and justice for all. Remember, satan the prince of the air, goal is to kill, steal and destroy. For he has never, and will not come to the table of God’s sovereignty. So, let us pray. Pray for God’s will be done here and now, for, without it, we are all lost to the flaws of our minds and bodies. As Paul stated many times to those he ministered across Asia; “I am but a slave to Christ” and as such since we are in Christ and He in the Father, so are we linked in chains to the one who is above all; God Himself!

We cannot deny God's will and is given partnership in His redemptive work for the completion of this age and the start of the New Jerusalem's Kingdom for all who are of the Blood of Christ. So Pray, and not to be led by confusion, deception or even strife; for these are the weapons of satan’s warfare through spiritual wickedness in high places. Stand ground in the conviction of God’s will and trust in Him and not by what is heard or seen. For is not God above man's thoughts and uses all to His advantage as He did with the ancient kings towards His chosen people. Pray for Spiritual standing in God’s will and do not be headless or heartless with all that the enemy tries to overshadow with darkness. Be not as the agents of unrighteousness, with their wake of destruction, for Jesus, having Angels at His command, and by the Spirit, abated His rights to ensure God’s will be done. Have no fear in these last days, but as commanded pray without ceasing.

Did not the enemy seek to cut off the arm of God’s will from the fall of the garden, where many were slaughtered in innocence, to prevent God’s manifested will and those being ignorant to their own carnal self-interest bruised, and suffered those who became enlightened to the Blood of the lamb? The enemy plans and strategies have not changed but continue its goal to debase into primal usurping and schemes. So have Spiritual eyes to the enemy’s manoeuvres, placing all trust in God who has never abandoned His pledge to be a Father to all who come by the way of the Blood. Put no trust in any man or woman who can never save the day, regardless of the colors they fly; but place trust in Righteous principles of right over wrong; of order over disorder; of authority over anarchy; for is God not Himself the author of these things that not only is required to frame our world but His very Kingdom; His Throne and very person. By this, He charges His Angels towards His will which includes His promises to us. Just as He did for those of the past, who rested in Him when faced with fear from overwhelming odds, and threatening attitudes and actions. And by prayer brought to bear every Spiritual force against such disruptions to the peace and prosperity. Unify and stand steadfast and not compromise the things of Righteousness, knowing the Kingdom you are called to fight for and represent. For prayer brings unity across the globe and is the Spiritual force that puts down all darkness; and pray for those who revile you; because of the seal by Blood upon your forehead for the final day of redemption. Therefore, let us pray!


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