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Weary not! But with every day, fill the soul with the Word and presence of the Spirit. For in due season your hopes will be fulfilled. The days have become like dry grass on fire, being consumed with every waking and even the sleep is but for a moment. Weary not! For these things must be for the preparation of Christ in the clouds, not to be denied His love for His bride and the finality to those opposed to God’s will. All it means is that the harvest is soon to be ready and the labors need to increase for the reaping and filling of baskets of precious reward.

Letter to the Faithful.
Dec. 05, 2016.

In these days, be not offended by anything but with all be as Christ is, unconfirmed in the unrighteousness that purveys the world. Look to the hills for strength and resolve to meet each day with a Righteousness that overcomes all and puts down the enemy’s works. Some of you may face such a burden that crushes even the support of others but be strong and as flint, never give in and resist knowing that darkness has no right to subject you to it’s lies. Weary not! But with all give Praise and Thanksgiving to the one who by His Throne seeks to uphold you through all manners of divers trials and tribulations.

Letters to the Faithful.

Letters to the Faithful


Be not weary and with the Blood of the lamb plead it over all. For the Blood is power indeed and the darkness can never overcome it but fears it as with all truth, it is exposed for its deceptions. To be not weary is to be discipline and routed in a sequence of activities towards building up of the spirit, mind, and body. Keep to it that it being set as night is to day and day to night, so that your will it never deterred from receiving His Grace so abundantly supplied for each moment of life. For the reward of the Heaven is not to be taken lightly or for granted. Never sell your birthright for only a moment of reprieve. For with tenacity and boldness is the reward measured and received. Do you not know that our Christ suffered even more than what many complain about. That even in His most fearful moment, He surrendered with no opposition to the sacrifice, even though He had Angels at His rescue. We can never compare His weight to our load but by His example do we not be weary in all things even that of loss of life, but with every step towards His Glory do we overcome all that is not of His Kingdom.

In this life, we can never be lulled in the facades of relaxations but as with Spiritual eyes do we see the deceptions for what it is. For easy is the body to be lost into feelings of pleasure and as a child do many test the flame, which leads to a burning of the soul; slow at first and then being filled as with tar, is engulfed in an inferno of fire and smoke. We can never be off guard for as wolves do the enemy seek the naive lamb to be consumed for its blood. So be not weary in the Righteous cause and never surrender all that has been paid for, given to you freely for your benefit onto the greater cause for freedom of this generation. Be not Weary!