Day by day is a cinch! When Christ walks in you. For by the very Glory that is to be revealed through you comes the opposition to its presence. We cannot think all is well when the world is still upside down. For does not he; the dark one roams about seeking whom to devour. Darkness seeks wherever it can to destroy the works of Righteousness. So, be prepared for opposition and not be lulled into sleep by its deceptive calm, like the waves of a beach; for behind it comes a tsunami.

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If you are of Christ, then you face opposition. Opposition to the Word, His Glory and the fruit of the Spirit. Moreover, must we push forward all these things that edify our Lord, Jesus Christ. For the world is fully dissuaded from the purpose His Blood and death. The spirit that is dead and dwells in many who are lost by their own inflicted blindness often shows itself when the light comes into its presence and shows fear of what the Faithful represent. The light of the world. For the light reveals all that is hidden and cannot hide from its Glory.

Be strong in the Lord and not compromise His Glory for what is to be gained from the world? When our gift is secured by Christ’s Blood, only if we stay in Him and allows the Spirit to be our guide. For many of the Faith face oppositions that they cannot avoid, often having to work with the lost ones; in this world system. But be Faithful to the charge given by our Lord and the foundations that uphold the Heavenlies of Christ and God. For our, Father knows your grief and as Paul came to accept and appreciate; His Grace is sufficient for us, to overcome this world and all those lost to it. They who scratch for the gains of this world have only themselves to blame for the loss of true paradise that does not erode with the things that rot, like all things of this world.

But our treasure is Christ and all His Glory. Take oppression for what it is. A sign of the Faith and Glory that embodies all who walk with Christ in their hearts. For we cannot do any more than being Christ in the world. For by Christ’s Blood are we sanctified, set apart from the world and this is why those not saved fear it by the spirit of fear and death. Know you are that light and for the light to be effective in purpose there has to be an opposition that has to surrender to the forces of the Glorious light of God. As it was in Heaven so can it be here on Earth. His Kingdom revealed, not being bias to the Earthly realm but supportive of it.

So have no fear and let opposition be the hallmark of the Glory in you. For each day can be a battle, only for the opportunity to reveal your true self, which is Christ in you. And be strengthen, knowing your brethren around the world face equal or even harsher opposition than you, praying always in Faith for the hidden purposes of the opposition. For Christ, faced opposition daily and never surrendered even under its heaviest hand of hate. But by Grace and the Spirit stood for Righteousness and the purpose that is required to establish the everlasting foundation of unconditional love, even in the face of adversity and death.


Letters to the Faithful.

Letter to the Faithful.
Feb. 20, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful