Be a doer for Christ’s sake! For He was also was a doer of the Word and of the Kingdom. And we are His imitators and dispensers of God’s Glory. Christ never stood on His birthright and indivisibility of the Trinity but with all surrender gave His body, mind, and spirit for our sake. He did for us what we failed to do for ourselves and made us of adoption into God’s Kingdom with the promises of Salvation’s immunity from the curse of death and its sentence. Christ is our example of the Faithful doer.

Letters to the Faithful.

Letter to the Faithful.
Apr. 03, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful


Christ first and Christ last; today and always tomorrow! We ought to follow His doing that made Him and defined His legacy earning Him that rightful place at the Father’s side. Our Salvation of Blood and Righteousness. For by doing are we made more in Christ’s shadow; a true and complete follower of His walk. To be His in the brotherhood of the great commission, the Salvation of God’s lineage. To defeat His enemy and ours; he who stole through subversion and deceit; that serpent of old and all that is of darkness and death. Let not Christ be forgotten!

With every waking moment do we plow His fields for a harvest worthy of His scars and Blood shed for us; not in guilt but in Revelation of His Word, Anointing, and Spirit. For we are brothers and sisters of His Holy flesh, now forever enthroned in the High Heavens. And we who share in His obedience to the God of Glory will ourselves with every expectation in the knowledge of His person receive the prize that has been set aside before the foundations of the Earth; the Glorious garment for heirs of the everlasting and formidable Kingdom of God. Christ can never be undone!

For by every action of Righteousness is His Glory shown as the beacon of Hope, Faith, and Love for all those lost to this dying world. What will be the expressed mirror of His image in us for all to seek after. Our Lord and Savior from death; Jesus Christ! Christ is our doer in our doing and His reign will soon be complete and we who are in His Body will be transformed in an instance and behold Him as He stands now; not the slaughtered lamb of sacrifice, but the Lion of Judah, who comes to demonstrate once and finally again His doing for the world’s sake, the irretrievable demise of darkness and the firmly setting of His immovable Glorious Kingdom of Truth. We are the Christ doers!


Let us honor His long-suffering of showing His examples of Righteousness; all for our sake and the Glory of God who by mercies and compassion suffered also at knowing the pain of the cross but with all subjection to His redemptive plan withheld His sovereignty and Power for our sakes. Christ being that subjection of His wrath and the payment for our disobedience. So be Christ’s benefit in every aspect of the saved life; first to yourself and then to those outside in the darkness. Stand therefore for Christ.

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