Letter to the Faithful.
Mar. 28, 2017.

God’s foundation is secured with the Righteous truth of His Kingdom and nothing we exalt will overshadow it. There is only the Truth of His embodiment for which Christ displayed and motivated all who sought freedom from the slavery of man’s truth. For His Truth stood ground and continues to stomp out all the lies of the enemy who only reveals as a trickster parts of it only to fill the obscure parts with his version of deceptions. The devil’s truth is that he comes to steal, kill and destroy. That he cannot deny! Many in the Body have yet to take the Spirit of discernment to expose with light, the devil’s game of devices. For we know and ought to know his ways by now. 

For the Truth is; anything that seeks to exalt itself above God; the Word and the Holy Spirit is of the world who is the devil. For the result of his crime was disobedience and so is this in those separated from the Grace of God and His Kingdom. The truth of the disobedient ones is the twisted ego of self-actualization. For by this drive; is God our creator foregone and with that mind; the spirit of harmony and Grace. We must be true to all Christ represents and set our foundations on immovable and eternal principles that will guide is this decreasing and irreverent age. For it is the age of disobedience where without the Truth of God, clearly and firmly impressed into our body, mind, and spirit; the path is slippery, ragged and meandering. So be true to Christ! 



Letters to the Faithful.

Turmoil is today’s and everyday’s plate served with confusion to distract from the glimmer of Hope that is being revealed of Christ’s next appearance. For no matter, the big signs; His coming will be as when sound sleep is and the thief comes to take what he covets for himself. For Christ seeks to covet those that are His and prepared or unprepared He does not wait for our perfect and assembled life. We will be taken as is! So to be as true to the Faith that is ours having been adopted into His Kingdom and with the Spirit take note of all that does not pertain to Christ; but with all shrewdness as one who strengthens the branches of the tree; cut off the dead things that will not have growth in the life to come. For God be true and every man a liar.

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Letters to the Faithful


Be true to Christ! For in Him is the Anointing. Many of the Body having to face the trials and tribulations of the world strain their Blood bought Salvation. We must not surrender what Christ has fought for. For His Blood has already secured His seat of judgment and His will is for all who by free will have taken His Blood to not be before Him. To be true to Christ is to be our sworn oath, not for men but for the Spirit of life that all may come to know Him and His Salvation.