Do you not yet know, we are Throne Builders! That we are laying upon the foundation of Christ. That solid foundation of Righteousness. We are Throne Builders of the Heavenly realm that Christ prayed for God’s Kingdom to be established on Earth as in Heaven. No longer a seat of deceit but one of Glorious Light as the Father enjoys now in His Throne room, forever eternal.

This is our endeavor! To bring light where there is darkness. To demonstrate the overcoming Power of the Blood and to vacate all evil presence with the Glory of God. Forever enthroned is this Glory, that nothing hidden or of the darkness can ever withstand its footstool much less it's Throne, the seat of Righteousness. For the fear of God is our weapon and with all obedience do we flow His Spirit to cover and seep into all of the enemy’s camp of sedition.

Letter to the Faithful.
Mar. 13, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful


Letters to the Faithful.

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We are Throne Builders! Never do we use the compromised material for building but only the pure and rich quality of the Gospel as by our Lord Jesus. He is the very mortar that holds all parts of the Throne Building together and is forever able to withstand the forces of darkness having no effect against His Blood. Build with quality; build with longevity in mind and not for show but for a crown of eternity that can only be placed on a head of Righteousness and Glory. For if Christ is your head then surely your head should be Christ in all things. And being the first of many, the crown of Glory will only fit on those of Christ's headship. So model Christ and continue to build His Throne of Glory, for all parts of the Body belong to Him and His train of Glory.

Let us not leave His Word unattended for with every muster give its due and it will be your full garment of protection of light so that the night will not engulf you in its shadows of deceit and imaginations. For all will be exposed by the light of Glory, brighter than the sun and piercing into the souls of men. How then can your foundations be crumbled? Only from within is it possible. So be steady in the workmanship of the Throne, not with speed or inferior methods but with every action by the Spirit of Glory. He who must do what is Righteous as ordained by the Godhead of the Heavenly Throne.

Leave not anything to chance but with all things, pray for His lead and never be forced into compromise for numbers sake. For what use is corruption and does it avail the light to shine for all to see. For when you shut your eyes, what is seen but darkness; compared to when your eyes are open in how you see. The illumination of His Glory! That Glory from the Word and the workings of the Spirit to enlighten our understanding in deeper Revelations of His person; our prime Throne Builder; our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is our foundation and we; His Throne Builders.