The Father wants you to be happy so His work into you may continue under the authority of the Blood to uplift you and rid all your faculties of the effects and tirades of death. For God loves you with His eternal sacrifice of the Word shredded and unhindered and in subjugation did Christ win for us the right to be happy. Yet, many walk with a death garment in unbelief for their cross is yet to be taken up from the world’s chains. How deep a prayer is required for those having been freed; yet still cling onto their bonds and with every skepticism seek to return to the shackles of laws and ignorance. We have been commanded to be happy!

Jump for the joy that is your right and not under duress restrict what is your personal expression to be happy. For all have been given the same measure of Faith and as with every workmanship, we build on what God has given, to His Praise and Glory. For God has made us His, no longer alien to His Righteous cause but as equal participants in the works of our Lord, Jesus Christ; Messiah, for all who desire to be happy. So be happy in His Blood; Sanctified in this age for His coming and triumphant return; having been raised up with Him. For does He come for a depressed or a happy Church? And Glorified and worthy of His train of light. We must take His Blood to be happy before Him. Surely, is not the Blood wholly free of sin and darkness and no longer itself a bond of enslavement? But His Blood has cleansed death’s cause of sickness, pain and eternal separation from God’s Kingdom for the joy and to be happy; filled with Glory in His Grace and with every fiber in the body, mind and spirit and be determined never to be hounded by the pit where tormented souls will be in perpetuated agony. I tell you, be happy!


Letter to the Faithful.
Apr. 24, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful


Letters to the Faithful.

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Be happy not in the world but in Christ. For His substitution spared us from the Father’s wrath. Christ being our propitiation for the sin that would have kept us in a whirlwind of darkness and turmoil. Be Happy!  Sin is that gloom of depression that so weighs heavy by guilt and shame and now by the Blood has no grip to cling onto our life and spirit. Each and everyday is a celebration to be happy in the joy of the Lord; our strength and framer of the Faith of God’s Kingdom. 

He, who gave all for our all to be happy; to be Blessed and to stand free of any sludge but always to look upward to the Heavens and be warmth by His sun of Grace. He wants us to be happy. To be happy is our shield of Faith, quenching every fiery dart of the enemy. For when the light of day turns into the deafening of darkness; what else but the rays of joy of the Lord will be our forever Hope of Glory and Salvation. Even in the mist of fog and noise must we cling to the goodness of God for His Father’s heart of not forsaking all who by the cloak of darkness is lost, yet to be found. Be happy for He is merciful and compassionate.