We, the Body do the work to plant the Word and by Faith, do we expect in knowledge that God grows the seed into His Harvest for more Word to be sown. Therefore how can we, who know the mysteries of life, hold onto it only within the safe circles of our church? It is because we allow fear to prevent us from enduring for the Word sake and do not drink in the life that Christ’s Blood provides. For if we do not grow up, we automatically begin to dry up having no shine for the light so freely given. Endure for it is your responsibility to be the light wherever you are.

Can the Body remain a body if some of its parts begin to die having no use to the whole and as Paul says; not one part is more esteemed than the other. Then if so, then all parts are needed for the propagation that is only credible as a whole and not be weaken as it is said, “the chain is strong as its weakest link”  We must endure; preserve against the natural inclinations of the flesh to fear the very things that mature us in Christ. Think not that flesh is a fool when faced with the Truth. For what is acknowledgment of the Truth to be worthwhile if those who profess it doesn't live it. Know not the Pharisee themselves were only shadows of the Truth and did not convict those they extolled to God. We are no longer under the whip of conformity but we are but living houses of the light for the Salvation to redeem those from darkness and the deeper recesses of death.

Endure! For it is your call to be the acacia of this age, to finish not under stress but with the joy of being counted worthy of the Blood. Can anything become strong without the testing of its resolve? And if tested, then exposure of it's weaken areas will provide the wisdom and understanding for attention. We need to endure for if not this then will fear overshadow and eat away what strength of Faith there is. Build then from the Word, the Spirit with Righteousness of the body and mind. Strengthen to Endure in these troubling times when men will fail and the world also, but never the Word nor the Glory that is to come.


Letters to the Faithful.

Endure! As Christ did and all those before you for the Faith and Salvation that is your birthright from the foundations of the Earth. We have been promised three things that having taken Christ’s Blood as our own and that is trials and tribulations, Salvation’s gift and the Spirit of God who will be with us until this age ends. So endure because the prize that Christ won for us awaits in the Glory that is to come.

Letter to the Faithful.
Apr. 17, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful


Many will fall away in this age having not established a firm, strong foundation of the Word. For the Word is life and healing to all the flesh. A flesh that rebels naturally against the discipline of the pillars of God but must come under the authority of the Blood to be saved. Do not think you can save all even with coercion and love. God knows this and so must the Body of Christ. Yet, it is not for us to know but to do. Do the work of Faith for we are not innocent in the isolation of the Faith as if to safeguard it from it’s purpose and protect it for God. No! As a seed must die unto itself, so must the Word for it’s very sake to produce a harvest of life if not in one but in other generations.

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