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Letters to the Faithful


Are we not of the same days now, when many of man’s anointing shouts the loudness from on high and yet their words do not demonstrate God’s Righteousness nor manifest its gifts. We are made the Righteousness of God not for man’s devices but for Christ’s mission. The Christ; the true Anointing has been shed by His Blood so no longer must we subjugate to the fog of deceit but having been made free from it and now are called to be freedom fighters of Righteousness. We are the Righteousness of God to this world. And if in the Word; of Faith and Grace; then surely in Righteous love.

Letter to the Faithful.
Apr. 10, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful.

Then, if we are of Righteousness, our love is to be considered of God’s intent. For does He not reject the lukewarm man and spits him out? Are we not to fight for the right standing before God and the Heavenly witnesses? And show; us who by the embracing of the light rejected the darkness of the pit to become immovable in all things that are distasteful to Righteousness not just physically but also mentally and of the spirit. Let us not be half way in Righteousness but with all effort full as Christ was in this world.

The Righteous love must be our banner! And not disgrace or dishonor Christ’s Blood. For what Godly love is displayed if it is no different than that of the world. For the world’s love weakens the spirit and strengthens the flesh. How then can we say it is God who works through us if we love by the body and mind. It is only by Spirit are we to walk in this world. The Spirit then is our counselor for Righteous love. And therefore Truth before the flesh. For the actions of the flesh can never please God. With God’s Righteous love comes Power to burn away that lukewarm spirit to put to death the flesh of disobedience and with it the world’s garment for the inclusion of compromises to the Faith of the true God. For the Word is narrow and sharp as a two-edged sword; clearly dividing the world's opposition to God's Kingdom.

Righteous love is God's love. It is neither weak nor offended but also it does not supersede the Word. And God who is love balances this to His Word and Kingdom. For can, the love of the world earn a place in His Kingdom. For the Word is life and is the foundation of Godly love and without the Word; love has no Power for mercy, compassion, and kindness nor is it strengthen against unrighteousness. Righteous love depends on the Revelation of the Word; the Christ; God and His Righteous Kingdom. Be then of Righteous love.


Serve in love! Not just in agape love but also in Righteous love. How then can we say we are of God if we do not as He does. For His is a Righteous cause to rid the world of unrighteousness. And did not Christ state it is the Father that reflects in Him. Then we who are in Christ ought to reflect the same. And was it agape love displayed by Christ to those who were carriers and proclamators of the law, but failed in its Righteousness before God and men. Those hypocrites!