God wants us to come to the acknowledgment of His LOVE by ourselves and not to be told because this would make us slaves and not the heir who on their merit reflect true obedience in LOVE for the Father. First to LOVE God without compromise! To have any idol; demigod or other feeble substitutes is a compromise because it forces us to compare by the flesh by bringing God down to these corruptible natural elements. This infers that God’s Spiritual nature is not good enough for us and therefore the love we profess for Him will never be the LOVE we are to reflect Him. God is Spirit and can never be acknowledged in any other form or theology. 

Without the first LOVE for God, don't even attempt the second LOVE for your neighbor. We cannot hope to love our neighbor on the physical level and think we have placed the LOVE for God above all else. We must LOVE our neighbor also Spiritually! Hence why we don’t judge in condemnation but in the Spirit their actions. Now, to be clear those of the fivefold ministry as stated have a harsher judgment not from the Body but from God, because of their responsibility and given authority. Jesus cleared the pathway to judge objectively and by the Spirit of discernment with Spiritual Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. All of which is the LOVE for God first and the LOVE by God’s Spirit to each other in the Body.

God is LOVE! So often we hear this statement and without a doubt He is LOVE. But to think God is only LOVE is to miss all that embodies His character of thinking, acting, and implementing. All of which is done in LOVE. God does not need for us to tell Him He is LOVE. This is because He is self-contained and has no need for support to endorse His person nor does He need the worship, praise, and thanksgiving to build Him up as the champion of Righteousness. It is we who need this to make us accommodating and pliable for His LOVE and not the other way around. God is LOVE and to be blunt He is self-LOVE. No other being has this greatest expression of LOVE. 

The God Series - LOVE.
Sept 25, 2021.

Letters to the Faithful.

God is self LOVE and that means His will is absolute. There is no compromise because He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His will for His Throne was first when Lucifer challenged it resulting in his fallen nature. His will have been revealed from Genesis to Revelation with millions put to death, And His will, will be fulfilled and proclaimed in the New Jerusalem and beyond with the corrupted exiled away from Him.

God will never instruct man if it's not for His benefit whether saved or unsaved we all are being led into Righteousness or abandoned into unrighteousness. The Bible clearly states Abraham is the father of the nations but it is Seth who is the father of Righteousness through Enos as stated; “then men began to call (for right standing) upon the name of the LORD”. Without Seth's examples of obedience to God’s instructions, his son Enos would not herald other men like Abraham; known as Faithful Abraham, and all who remain in Righteous obedience after in Faith towards the LOVE of God and their fellowmen.    

 God is not the absentee Father because true and Righteous LOVE never abandons its responsibility until there is death. God’s LOVE for us is to counsel us by the word, examples of Righteous obedience, and His personal Spirit to each one’s unique challenges through this life to the Life of His LOVE and LOVE for the Body in the man Jesus Christ. As the ultimate counselor through the Holy Spirit, His LOVE is both compassionate as well as stern as He sees fit to shake and shape us into the image He made to be the true reflection of His Himself in Self LOVE. Hence why many who use Jesus’ name will still be rejected and not given the white stone and a new name because they did not earn the right by overcoming and be the reflection of a true heir for God’s Kingdom. As Paul alludes; Salvation is a gift that puts us in a race towards God with Jesus as our coach.

God’s LOVE is unfailing, indestructible, and eternal. And just like God, it is available freely but never should be taken for granted and abused because of unrighteous thinking. This LOVE is reflected in the fruits of the Holy Spirit which is God but when neglected will only fade away and become lifeless to those who were meant to be the reflection of LOVE to God first, and mankind last.


Deut. 7:9, Ps. 86:15, Eph. 2:4, 1 Jn. 4:6, 2 Tess. 3:5. 

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A Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Another way to look at this is if the LOVE God is, is not reflected equally to those who proclaim Him; then there is no Righteous unity within all therefore LOVE will crumble and fail to accomplish its mandates. If it is not consistent from top to bottom then it's not true LOVE. God will always LOVE His Kingdom first nor will He LOVE the flesh unless His Spirit can dwell in it. How do we demonstrate the LOVE for His Kingdom and the LOVE for His people? We do as Jesus did by being obedient to His will, instructions, and counsel.

His LOVE is for perfection! This is why even though man sinned and became corrupt the original substance of man is redeemed from corruption into perfection by the perfect LOVE reflected in Jesus Christ. And it is only by this Blood and sacrifice are we made into His reflected image of LOVE. This restored LOVE in His image is not by mere words for Salvation but by the very nature of abiding as a branch where our life is infused by the Life in Jesus. When this is done the branch is tied strongly to the truck of the Tree of Life. God told Adam not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge but not the Tree of Life which by their free choice if they did with authority they would not have come under judgment. 

The Study Series


Now, before many become entangled in religious notions of what is LOVE; often citing the two greatest commandments. Consider; why God is LOVE. For to say He is LOVE is an understatement of His reasons to be LOVE. Before us; God was already LOVE. LOVE for His Throne and Kingdom; and all that He created for one purpose. And that is to be self Righteous! This self Righteousness is not what we often frown upon as being egotistical. No! God’s self Righteousness is the very essence of loving Himself as the Highest Priest of all things with integrity.

If we use the metaphor of God being the single source of Light and everything around Him is to mirror Him; we not only recognize His indivisibility but must acknowledge His creation is designed to be a mirror of His Self Righteousness. That is He is justified in all that He does. That there is no shadow in Him! So when His creation does not reflect that Self Righteousness, then it is corrupt, cracked, and distorted; and therefore not the mirror image of His LOVE for His right standing with Himself.