God is supreme in all things and will not allow His love for man to be extinguished by the darkness that envelopes this world into the pit. For in the last days will it be, as then, the days of Noah. And as in Heaven’s surge will those seeking to usurp will be as that fallen one’s image of self-gratification. He who is the birth of sinful pride. All these lost do as any child in a tantrum, placing themselves above all things in the Heavens and the Earth. Be not like that child with impetuous and vain glory revels in their discontentment but be mature as Christ, fulfilled in the Faith of God’s Glory and divine seasons.

Then we who are called before the Day will have no longer need from this world, the constant struggle of identity having been found not of our own volition but by the Grace of promise. Be thankful it is not by strength that diminishes, but by Christ’s Spirit and Blood have we been secured in all good things of the Father. For He will not tease as He instructed; the Word which has brought and given us life into His Kingdom, not only for His day but beyond it onto the endlessness of eternity.

For it is His breath that fills our bodies and as He has given so do we emancipate back to Him all that truly matters. Eternal Righteousness in His Kingdom of justice and fulfillment. Not just when all things are bright but more so in the dusk of evenings and the depth of silent slumber. For He knows our plight and has made haste time ago to keep before us in peace and prosperity. Let us not then be impatient, for all things work for those who are in Christ Jesus, seeking His Kingdom’s illumination to the paths faced daily. For how can we know wisdom when it is obscured by enclosing ourselves in the outcry of this world. He tells us to be still for He is a still voice in the noise and chaos of destruction. Be thankful then! For His Grace is sufficient in our hearts as Christ is in also.


Letters to the Faithful.

Letters to the Faithful


Be thankful in all things for by this are we the children of God. If you have ever been responsible for someone else happiness or satisfaction; then with the right Spirit you have the heart of God. For He knows what your needs are before they are needed and the wants before they are desired. God is a good God and He has made us for good.

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Letter to the Faithful.
Sept. 18, 2017.

The flesh aids not the Spirit and God profits our spirit when we deny the flesh of things and their chains of bondage. For what is idolatry but the worship of something to make us thankful. Is God not jealous that He alone be our eye and that regardless of the troubles of the world, we who are in Christ are grateful and thankful that we are counted more than the sparrows of the heavens and the root of the Earth, all having no spirit akin to His Spirit. For as the Angels marvel so should we; who is the man that God has His hand before him.