Letters to the Faithful


Many have begun a new song in their heart only to be drowned out by the confused church of man. The church is the bride of Christ and should not be processed by the carnal minded man. And yet, by their will do some bring Christ down to their fleshly thinking with the unchurching of His bride. By this do they perpetually crucify Christ and make the Cross of no effect. For Christ is Spirit as a man and as a judge, who by His obedience wrought the evils of this world making it in subjugation to the Kingdom of Righteousness and never was confused about His favor of the Anointing. For by abuse of God’s Grace do we place ourselves in harm's way and with the threat of only to be spit out because of lukewarmness and confusion.

The walk of Christ is made clear to what domain decisions belong to. For Jesus gave to Caesar and gave to God, knowing by this His obedience is of the Spirit. He did not seek to graft the two and because of this, our promise of Heavenly places has been secured. Once we were old, now we have been renewed to youth; just as a newborn, ready to be filled with what is God’s and growing into a tree that provides fruit and shade for all who seek reprieve and rest. Therefore, let Christ reign over the flesh, the Spirit over the mind and God over the spirit. And with the Word of life, rightly divide and be guided by it and be not confused.


Letter to the Faithful.
Jul 10, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful.

We of the Christ Body are in the world but not of it. So be not confused at the pressure placed on your garments. For how be it that some proclaim the Cross and yet compromise it for acceptance by the world. Do we think that to win souls we ought to sacrifice our own Salvation? To break bread by the consummation of the darkness? Surely not! For what has darkness to do with light and can a kingdom stand in confusion, much less a person? And is not a single light of a candle of more value than the darkness that surrounds it. For by its lit, does it not expose what is hidden in the dark and draws those blinded by the darkness to it. Be sure of your Salvation and not confuse the intent of the Spirit. For by it will you see the Glory that is to come.

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Be not confused in these days as men seek peace and security. For by it will come the destruction of the world. The world makes what is seen important but God seek the Spirit of things for His Righteous cause. Our God is of ancient days and His peer crosses the limits of this world to put in place peace and prosperity for all marked with the Blood of the Cross, Sanctified for Holiness; a light for the world.