Letters to the Faithful


Be not conformed to this world is our state of Christ. For in Him is rest. When by labor we are made enslaved for this world’s end so then by Christ are we made for the Kingdom’s Glory. For can what be of God not be in Christ and be His Glory? So as Christ was, so are we to be in the world.  At rest!

For God who by Christ wrought for us the freedom from the labor of Salvation has made us by Grace to sit in Heavenly places and to be the light that shines His Glory of Hope, Faith, and love. So rest assured, God has already by His Word, established all things for us before needed, giving us the confidence in all that He promises by our spirit have we received the goodness of His sovereignty. So stay at rest!

Letter to the Faithful.
Jun 12, 2017.

Letters to the Faithful.

By His Spirit is our spirit led to be His constructors of His purpose. How then can we who want to do His will, hear the Spirit when we labor in agony by this world having no perch of it and accomplish by our flesh what the Spirit has dominion of through principalities, powers, and thrones? We must be at rest in the knowledge of His love and that even by our ignorance does He still guide by fire or cloud those concerning His Kingdom. Let not the fear of this world and those in darkness steal your rest which is by His Righteousness your inheritance as is Christ. Rest today and rest tomorrow.

By our rest in Him are we justified to give Him His recognition to be the great and only, “I Am”; containment of all; worthy of all our praise and the giver of life. For what can we know of a future that is already past written if not only by seeing through His eyes and by Christ, the author, and finisher of our Faith. Like a marathon runner whose focus is only the finish line; by every distance, do they run knowing that line soon will appear only by keeping a constant stride. They have honed their body, mind, and spirit into the state of rest, preserving through the distractions of the mob. For the mob is chaos and the Lord; peace. For His promise to those who go after Him is rest.

For the more the world turmoils; is the more we must come into the rest of Christ having a pure heart, awaiting His arrival for His bride; the church of Christ. Is this not why the bride has those who by undercover labor in and by the world for the day of the wedding so that the bride can be at rest for the Glory of that day? For who has been called to the altar but the bride while the groom waits. And when the wedding has sounded and the groom has arrived taking his place; does he not in anticipation with eagerness look for his bride and those of the wedding party; expecting only faces that beam with joy of that day? Then, as Christ prepares, so must we, for in rest, there is celebration and joy of Christ’s wedding day. For did not the wise virgins preserve and receive the groom in joy and not complain of the appointed time? For they took oil to sustain them while they waited not requiring once they entered into the wedding banquet. They sustained themselves with the oil of gladness.


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