With offense comes every manner of evil for it is a response of the flesh and in it is darkness to be found. How be it that having taken Christ and denounce the sin of the flesh do we who having taken the Father’s love do not issue it from the heart in our actions. For even if we hold the tongue but retain the offense in our body, mind, and spirit; are we not still in the flesh of offense? And if so; then we have constricted the Anointing that Christ restored and paid for on that old rugged cross of pain and shame.

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Letter to the Faithful.
Jun 18, 2017.

Be not offended. For it is your trial onto the Glory of Christ. Where we, who are the Body of Christ are tested and strengthened for the day of coronation. When we will receive the crown of Salvation, having made proven worthy of Christ. For God’s love is never easily offended and we are the promoters of this for Righteousness sake. We are of Christ!

Letters to the Faithful


No offense should ever separate us from what Christ has purchased so intentionally for us. Less we become beggars once more for the Blood that enriched us in all things of God’s Glory and Kingdom. Therefore be not offended in anything of this world especially to those blinded and lost to it. But with every Spirit given unto us do we make an offense a cause for Righteousness. For the mystery of Christ as Paul tells us is to be revealed in and through us for the Glory of the Kingdom. That having become partakers of His riches we cannot draw back and let the enemy gain at our and the Words expense. No, indeed, we give him, that previous lightened one, no ground! But with every cheek turned do we pave for God to justify our works. We count it all joy to be offended not only for the Gospel but for the good work started in us now manifested in the Spirit realm and with aggravation do the fallen spirits brood as vipers at our worth in Christ. Let us then stay any offense with the Power of Christ.

Be not fooled for an offense of the flesh is an offense to the Spirit whether to the enemies of the Word or to the Body of Christ. All is an abomination unto our Lord! For as the Body, do we with much care take not to be offended by others of the Body. For satan is that insidious to destroy from within all that Christ has built up; only if we are offended. But with every fruit of the Spirit do we exercise the Kingdom ways and much prayer that all mischief is exposed and cast down so that the unity of the Body for Christ’s works is sustained. Draw, therefore, away for such ugly heads and with every supplication push back and strengthen with the might of Christ, all offenses within the Body of the Church. For with Grace are we victors in Christ’s riches! And in much long-suffering, the love of God will take hold and tear down any offense.

We are not weak to be not in offense. For with great conviction did Christ carry His offenses from those close and far from Him, to the Cross of Salvation. And so must we also, as the Body of Christ. But in all of it, release onto our Lord and not allow it to fester in gain against the body, mind, and spirit. And with every weapon given to us, especially of Faith; we overcome and become more than conquerors through Christ. Be not offended! It is a command.


Letters to the Faithful.