Put on, Christ! Again; I say, “Put on Christ”! For without Him there is no peace. By insidiousness does the dark one works for a false peace of control. But by Christ is there peace of love. For love conquers all, only when done in peace and by the Word of Truth. For is not all things made for Him, including peace? Who then can deny in Him is peace.

Letter to the Faithful.
Jul 24, 2017.

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Christ, our head is the Prince of peace and under HIs shadow are we to be secure in the knowledge of His intent that all who come to His Cross of resurrection will not stay in turmoil even as the world rushes into it. The world is for chaos and Christ for the Truth of His peace. Now, brethren, do we not belong to Christ? And are we not heirs to a Kingdom of peace under the obedience of the Father’s love. Then, “Put on Christ” and let His peace be a beacon for those in anxiety of the day.  For the day of wrath comes and all who are in darkness shall revel in it.

Letters to the Faithful


The man does his best for peace but not by Righteousness but by deception. How then can there be peace in lies? And why do many in the Body not walk in peace? For if in peace, then can there not be worry. For worry is war against the very Throne of God who by our confession claim Him to be our trusted strength in all that this life presents. Brethren of Christ; have not God done His work through Christ that despite the world’s spiral, we who stand in Christ are also overcomers in Him and by His Blood, have been sanctified as untouchable from the evil principalities and powers of this world? For God has indeed rebuked satan for our sake, that despite his roar, he is not fear.

Then; let us put on the Christ garment made in Grace and filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit and be content in His work in us. For turmoil is to be an outcast to the inward tranquility of Christ, for which we are called to walk in. Sometimes the flesh demands a response but we must restrain our foremost weapon of warfare, less we flippantly curse what God has ordained. For this world need soundness and if not Christ; what else can substitute? Christ left peace of Himself so that we ought to have peace as His gift for our trials and tribulations.

In peace comes clarity of the Word’s love for us and by His promise our counsel in these troubling times. For there will be no peace until the New Jerusalem is firmly established and by the stones of its perfection all in Christ will enter its tabernacle of peace. For peace is only in its perfection and as He is, so is His Father and we who are in Him, are made in perfection by His peace. So, in each other is Christ's peace to be seen only when we by Faith, “Put on Christ”!


Letters to the Faithful.