Letters to the Faithful.

Christ is our mark of Righteousness and all who long for the life of light salutate Him in uprightness and with hand raised and placed; welcome Him with every turn of day as our beacon in this dark and murky world. We uplift His banner not in shame but with a strong wind of change as we chart our course for His presence on every footing we hold. Let us in unrestrained hooray give Him His due for by meekness He was led but by roar will He lead His everlasting train of fire and illumination. So prepare and abandon all remaining remnants of flesh that only rots and decay and bridge to all Holiness and Sanctification; burning away the stains of the world with the fire and vitality of His Word.

Letters to the Faithful


Salute Him! Our Christ! For He is our pride in humility of His reign. From the East to the West, the North to the South is His rule is to be given attention. And with every garment of armor, making all untarnished, steadfast and properly fixed; make ready for presentation and have His Glory smeared onto it. Stand, turn and with arms, marshal the parade of life in Righteousness. For above the horizon, He comes in Glory, not in a hush, but with elation and in triumphant pageant. Raise the banner of His empty tomb and with every accolade give Him Thanksgiving and Praise. For He looks from on high and with anticipation as we do, await the bells to toll and herald the eve of His scrutiny of those who with prejudice makes His resurrection theirs. With respect do we work towards His coming and with weapon in hand we make good His account of being our forerunner of Salvation.

Yes, Hail to the Lord of Glory! Let His presence be given every inclination you can. Be it loud. Be it in acclaim. Be it in esteem. Let it never subside! For He is our lead and has not forsaken us even in our foundering. Renew and invigorate your efforts. Manifest your helmet, make good the breastplate and strengthen your sword and shield. And with all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; tighten the belt of Truth. For He is to come and will not delay anymore the time as prescribed. So keep advancing with the things that the Kingdom of light joys in and with all muster of ground taken establish His spire of Glory. For He comes with all stealth with the expectation of His force in full regal. Christ! We salute you! 


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Letter to the Faithful.
Jul 17, 2017.

Salute Him who is the leader of us all! He who gave without consideration of price did not deter His Blood for us who by fear chained ourselves to the law of no effect. For He is the Messiah, who has saved us from all deceptions of darkness and the grave. He is to be honored and revered with all humility for which one of us would have without resistance accepted that cross of shame.